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Thread: Humor in the Martial Arts(Also posted in KF forum)

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    Martial Joe Guest

    Humor in the Martial Arts(Also posted in KF forum)

    I realized that goofy people have usualy had a great amount of skill in something.
    I have thought about if some one has a great sense of humor and studies MA but is very deticated seems to be good.Or anyone for that matter being skilled at something other then MA.
    I wonder if we all were realy realy goofy how it would change the MA world.Meaning if people's skill would increase because they arent so serious about everything,yet are aware of their art and serious enough to be deticated.

    I think a few of us on this forum are pretty funny guys.I am not going to name people(Watchman,Old Jong,8stepsifu,etc)...
    ...But maybe some of you serious guy out there should try and be realy goofy some day.Just when your alone so you dont make an anus out of yourself unlike us pro goofballs.And see if it gets you in the mood to train more or just feel better.

    You have to admit that it would be kinda funny,if we were all funny,wouldnt you say?

    Note~This is not a joke...

    Joe Kavey

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    jameswebsteruk Guest
    Yep, I think humour is important, but only so far as it contributes to a relaxed atmosphere in your training.

    Maybe because ours is a Wong Shun Leung derived school, (he loved a good gag as much as the next man) everybody is pretty relaxed and informal. A joke at someones expense is common, even the instructor. I myself have a certain situation when I was attacked by some girls brought up at every **** lesson. :)

    It works for us, because everyone is friendly and respects each other. I definitely couldnt see the same happening in certain other schools, where the instructor is bowed too and referred to as "sifu". In fact, this has got me into trouble more than once, for not showing proper respect to another schools teacher :p

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    benny Guest
    when i was in hong kong i was told by a sifu that i should show more erespect to my sifu and not make fun at him. my teacher laughed. we always joke around in class. we always say the only thing we are serious about is ving tsun.
    he once walked up to me wioth a pebble and said" if you can take the pebble out of my hand you can leave." i grabbed the pebble and he smiled and said" see ya" ;)

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    Martial Joe Guest
    I wish I got replies like this on the KF forum,ANY MORE THOUGHTS?

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    old jong Guest
    Life is too short to be "serious" all the times.I want to have fun as much as possible and I think it is not a problem in any of my interests.
    BTW,it is hard not to smile while doing chi sao or sparring and if I can do a "weird" combination to make my partners laugh,I'll do it! ;)

    C'est la vie!

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