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Thread: Sihing 73

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    mikey Guest

    Sihing 73

    hey dave,
    I have a picture in the"how do you make a wooden dummy" topic pending moderation. I noticed
    another picture on hold in another topic(i forget which).Could you square them away when you get time?
    mike :)

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    Sihing73 Guest
    Hi Mikey,

    I will email Steve about it so he is aware. Should be taken care of soon.



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    mikey Guest
    I think steve dropped the ball.
    maybe you could e-mail him again?

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    mikey Guest
    are you guys ever gonna post that picture?
    it's been almost two weeks....
    if you guys can't do it,just say so and i'll leave you alone.I don't mean to sound impatient
    but I don't think my impatience is entirely
    unwarranted! ;)
    I promise,if you guys post it, I'll tell you how
    I made the picachu speed ball.

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    kungfu cowboy Guest
    Maybe they should just remove the pending moderation stuff!

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    Sihing73 Guest

    I'm not moderating pictures


    I emailed Steve and will do so again. FWIW I have nothing to do with the picture moderating. I will try to follow up with Steve again and see what is going on.



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