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Thread: World Wushu Championships in Armenia

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    South Paw Guest

    World Wushu Championships in Armenia

    The first week of November the postponed World Wushu Championships will be held in Yerevan, Armenia.

    Probably only a meager 22 countries will attend these championships.
    Most Asian countries
    Europe: Netherlands, Belgium & France.

    Does anyone have more info on the participating countries?
    Which USA-team will be send?

    South Paw

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    kwokfist Guest
    Where the hell is Armenia?

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    Stranger Guest
    Just east of Turkey and north of Iran

    I don't get mad.
    I get stabby.

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    SanShou Guru Guest
    As far as who is going I only know that two of the Five San Shou team members are going.

    Albert Pope (the new team captain)
    Ramon Neves

    Rudi Ott, Santos Soto and Max Chen decided to stay home.

    I expect some south amarican countries will still go and a few teams from Europe but most of the teams from Asia including most of the former soviets. That is the style of opponent we have been training the US fighters to beat.

    "Information is power"

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    South Paw Guest

    Thanks Sanshouguru

    I'm in contact with the Russian Team Leader. He will contact me if his team is going to the WC Wushu.
    They have some very good fighters that come from Daghestan near Armenia. But because most of them are Muslim I don't know if they will participate. Armenia being a christian country among Muslem States.
    The same for the Iranian sanshou athletes, that are also very strong.

    South Paw

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    SanShou Guru Guest
    We have been in contact with both the Russian and Iranian teams about possible future fights in the US.

    Russia and Iran are probably the best two teams in the world over 60 kg (China under 60 kg). The two of the best fights in the 1999 Worlds were Russia vs. Iran 85 kg first round and Russia vs. US in the 65 kg Final. I thought the Two best fighters at the event were the 75 kg Iranian and the 65 kg Russian.

    I guess Russia, Turkey, Israel, and the US are going to stay at a different location and have more security that the other teams.

    "Information is power"

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    South Paw Guest
    I've seen these fights, because I was Team Leader of the team of the Netherlands.

    Wish the US Sanshou Team all the luck!!!

    South Paw

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    South Paw Guest
    Heard the Polish and Belaruss Team are also going.
    They have some good fighters too.

    South Paw

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    SanShou Guru Guest
    Did you see Poland vs. Ukrane 90 kg in 1999. lasted about a minute then Ukrane landed a monster round kick and broke Poland's. He just turned around and started saying "no, no, I'm done". If was a nice shot.

    "Information is power"

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    South Paw Guest
    As former Team Leader I was sometimes too busy to have a good look at the sanshou fights. I also did not see much of the Taolu either there in Hong Kong.
    But the Ukranians have some good fighters I've heard and seen.

    South Paw

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    lkfmdc Guest
    :) Well, I am laughing now! I promote all these events and I can tell you, during the event I am so busy I seldom get to watch them! At the end everyone comes up and says "weren't those great fights!" and I say "I have no idea" :)

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    South Paw Guest
    That's the way it goes.

    South Paw

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