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    jason8 Guest

    old jong


    I read a post of yours where you were remarking about a lack of available training partners. I also live in Montreal and i just wanted to offer to train with you if you ever find yourself in need of a partner.


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    Watchman Guest
    You sure about that Jason? Have you checked Old Jong's pic on his profile? :eek:

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    jason8 Guest



    thats a pic of george the animal steele. Old school WWF wrestler (and if im not mistaken, Yip Man's secret closed door student. He knows all the "real" techniques!!). The worst the animal would do would be to pull the foam out of the turnbuckle with his teeth (wasn't that his deal??) and then toss my skinny butt into it.

    all in all i thinks its a safe offer...


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    old jong Guest
    Hi jason8.
    well it is a nice offer and I think it might be interesting.I dont know for the immediate times but in a few weeks it could be quite possible.
    I suggest we keep in touch through this forum.

    By the way,you mention in your profile that you are from Moy Yay lineage.Are you currently studying in Montreal?...Do you mean more exactly from Sunny Tang lineage?
    :)Oh! btw...I'm really Georges!!! :D Joking!
    And Watchman!!!I know you're in love! ;)

    C'est la vie!

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    jason8 Guest
    Old Jong,

    sounds great, that would work for me.

    In response to your question: yes, I am training in Montreal in the Moy Yat - Sunny Tang lineage. What lineage(s)do you study?

    anyways, we'll keep in touch and hopefully well be able to arrange something,

    take care,


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    Watchman Guest
    You got me there Old Jong! :D

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