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Thread: I found the dream SiFu :)

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    TzuChan Guest

    I found the dream SiFu :)

    Dudes, I live in Belgium, that one sifu lives in the Netherlands but gives 3 hour trainings in a city at about 20 minutes driving from here, he said he was going to call ME, not me having to call HIM.

    So he called today, first he asked me if the self-defence aspect was the most important, I said not at all, I did it more cause I loved every aspect of Wing Chun and needed a descent Sifu to train it instead of just reading about it. The dude tells me everything from history of Wing Chun till the training (15 mins warm-up, stuff like that) Then after 30 minutes he asks if I'm still interested, I was of course still interested.

    Then I asked him if there was some kind of "camp" this summer, he said yes. So now I'm going o WC camp this summer and will hopefully have the chance to find myself a descent Sifu :)

    You practice Wing Chun ? COntact me on my icq ! 71470721(my name there is "vision")

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    mikey Guest
    I thought you were going to say "Pat Morita"
    then I remembered he was Karate..... ;)

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