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Thread: Searching for that "root energy"

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    TzuChan Guest

    Searching for that "root energy"


    As you probably now I am new to Wing CHun but can't wait to get started with it :)

    Now I read a lot of articles/posts about that "root" stuff. Now since it sais you learn developping it starting from the beginning and the easy stuff like being able to resist pressure when people try to push you over is fairly simple (that's what it said in the article) I wondered how I should get started to learn to develop it.

    Anybody could tell me step by step what to do to find that root energy which would make me as stable as a 6-legged horse ? :)
    An online article would be cool too.

    THANKS !

    You practice Wing Chun ? COntact me on my icq ! 71470721(my name there is "vision")

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    whippinghand Guest

    main thing

    open the stance slowly. at first.

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    EmptyCup Guest
    that doesn't give you root energy

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    whippinghand Guest
    :rolleyes: It doesn't GIVE you rootedness. Nothing gives you rootedness. It helps you develop it.

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    EmptyCup Guest

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    whippinghand Guest
    It prevents one from cheating one's way into the Pigeon Toe Stance.

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    Mr. Own You Terrence Guest
    I am new too!!

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    Martial Joe Guest
    WhippingHand~I dont think you should ever stop doing SLT slowly.
    You didnt say that,but you said "at first".
    My sifu said you can go faster once you get better,but I think you should go slow all the time...think about it,ALT is at its best when done slowly...very very slowly...Why would you want it any other way?

    Tzu`Chan~Do your Sil Lum Tao,do it slowly,and remain relaxed and in a good will find your rooting there...

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI
    I am Sharky's main man...

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    Dave Farmer Guest


    Good article on rooting and structure tests by Robert Chu on his web site.
    Link at Rene Ritchie's site


    Dave F

    'wing chun men do it with sticky hands'

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    whippinghand Guest

    Martial Joe

    I do the SLT, as well as all other forms, in many different ways.

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    Martial Joe Guest


    Well,how do you do your forms differently?

    I do Chum Kui slow sometimes just to make sure I am doing everything correctly...

    Hey,what do you think about standing on one leg and doing slt?

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI
    I am Sharky's main man...

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    whippinghand Guest
    I do them at various speeds. I vary the movements in them.

    SLT on 1 leg? I don't do it, but I may consider it one day. It seems useful.

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    HuangKaiVun Guest
    I don't train WC anymore (partly because I prefer lower stances), but when I did I tried to sink my qi and stances as much as possible.

    Do Siu Lum Tao and focus your intent on your dantien, Tzu'Chan.

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    Martial Joe Guest
    WH~My sifu said it can help you with your stance work and kicking.
    I dont look at it as much but I told him I would try it durring this weekend...

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI
    I am Sharky's main man...

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    Martial Joe Guest
    If you were thinking of asking...Joe,you dont look at stance work and kicking that much?
    Well no that isnt the case,I just think I can get the stance work doing my forms in a normal stance and kicks by practicing them in the air or on something...

    By the way...Do you ever do air punches very very slow?
    I was thinking about doing kicks that way...what do you think?

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI
    I am Sharky's main man...

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