i checked out sifu thomas' video on siu nim tao and it was great it's worth the 50$ bucks they charge it's 97 minute mor then most gung fu videos it covers at least six months to 1 year of wing chun training i viewed alot of tapes and none is as good as his. he breaks down the form and tells the names of each technique with english/chinese translation he explains the form fully unlike any other the only video i've seen that comes close is the lueng ting video. it has running horse pushing horse dan chi sao and more, yo i won't spoil it for you if your a wing chun die hard then go get this tape. i don't know about anywhere else but in nyc they sell it at blt supplies at 77 mulbery st. and the well known bok lei po at 65 mott st. if you wanna truly learn the siu nim tao go out and buy this it's worth it.