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Thread: being a sifu sucks................NOT

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    being a sifu sucks................NOT

    When I made my post "pay your fee...", my intent was not to state that teaching Wing Chun sucks. On the contrary... I really enjoy it. I don't want to be called 'sifu'; I do teach Wing Chun. If one is a real 'sifu' that means that you do have people dedicated to you, and you to them. It is much more than a title. If I get called sifu by my students, I tell them not to call me that. I don't want to put psycological barrier between us. Respected, yes, but not from a distance.

    Earning money being a 'sifu'... that's something to think about. That would be kind of like expecting your kids to pay you to be a father. I expect my students to pay me for attending class, but not because I'm a role model/parent figure/teacher/counselor/friend/etc. which I believe is what a real sifu does.

    I enjoy teaching Wing Chun very much, and interacting with others. What I dispise though, is when students don't show respect by calling and saying that they can't come to class any more for whatever reason. I would like the common courtesy of a phone call or even a letter, or email. I just think that's the decent thing to do.

    My main point of this post and the "Pay your fee..." post was for those who are students, think about how you treat your teacher, wing chun and otherwise. Maybe it's a little old fashion, but you're reap great rewards.


    Be true and loving.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I would like the common courtesy of a phone call or even a letter, or email. [/quote]

    That was exactly the point of my post. I watch my Sifu, who I care about a lot, constantly put so much of himself into his teaching. And then he isn't even shown common courtesy by his students. And I still think that sucks. :mad:

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