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Thread: Is It REALLY Chinese?

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    Unhappy Is It REALLY Chinese?


    This afternoon, I worked out the soup dumpling recipe from Joe's Shanghai.

    I discovered the right dough recipe in a Dim Sum book written by a chinese woman.

    I discovered the right FILLING mixture in a book I have by Eileen Yin Fei Lo.

    I made them this afternoon, served them with *****iang Vinegar and Sliced Ginger.

    They were perfect.

    So, my question is, is this really Chinese food or is it "American Chinese," since I am as white as they come?

    I'm confused about this, because there was a big thread awhile back that claimed two things:

    1. That a chinese art taught by a non-chinese person isn't really authentic,

    2. Chinese food cooked by a mexican line cook wouldn't really be Chinese. It would be "Chinacan."

    Please help.

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    What were you wearing when you cooked it?
    Did you stir with the arms, or did you employ whole body power?
    Does Eileen Yin Fei Lo have an unbroken lineage directly to Yin Fu?
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    No, it has no whole fried fish, or noodles.
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    Obviously, there's no way to tell just from a written description. I'll have to get first-hand experience to make a determination like that.

    A couple dozen should be plenty for my testing.

    e-gram me for the address to send them to.

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    Are all roman catholics roman?

    Is a dutchy dutch?

    The recipe is Chinese, what you made was just plain tasty...probably, I don't know, you didn't send any along.
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    It really depends. I do a lot of cooking and you can't really go by WHO wrote the recipe.

    For me the deciding factor is if the taste/flavour and ingredients were adjusted to what is locally available for easier preparation.

    Having eaten plenty of food in a variety of countries I know that "ethnic" food flavour is quiet often adjusted to the local flavour or even to "ideas" of what it should be.

    If you want authentic flavour than there is only one place where you can get it.

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    Well MP, it is not what you cooked, but how you cooked it that counts. As long as you have covered all flavour ranges and have tested them against a fully resisting food critic then you should be fine
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    If it tastes good, it must be Chinese! =)

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    How does your meal hold up in the ring against a Gracie? If he gives it his thumbs up, then it's just Kick Boxer Food. If Gracie chokes [on] it, it's Chinese Kung Food!!!
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    It all depends on the lineage. some lineage recognize chinese foods cooked by foreign cooks as chinese, but the more conservative schools won't. But, in the modern china, if you apply for a license from the prc, you can cook whatever you want and call it chinese foods b/c you are licensed.

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    Dam nit... it made sense when it was running through my head.


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    All we need is rice wine or Tsin Dao beer.

    If it is not served with wine, it is not Chinese.

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    I think the real question behind is that if a Chinese art has to be taught by Chinese only otherwise it is not Chinese?


    If you can speak some Chinese, you are Chinese. That is it.

    If you teach Kung Fu or Chinese cooking, but you speak absolutely nothing in Chinese. It will be hard.

    The best Suai Jiao is from Mongolian Chinese.

    The best Ba Ji, Tang Twei, Tza Quan are from moslem Chinese.

    White Russians live in border towns along the longest border in the world, Sino-russo border. If they speak Chinese, they are white Russian Chinese.

    There are many Jewish towns in Shanghai in the 30's. They do business. The speak perfect Chinese and Shanghai dialect. They are Jewish Chinese.

    Just a thought.

    Have peace.

    If you are good at something, you are good. Whether you are Chinese or not, it is not as important.
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    Not only is it chinese, but you are a chinese woman. The question is, are you hot?
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    Originally posted by KC Elbows
    Not only is it chinese, but you are a chinese woman. The question is, are you hot?
    Furthermore, if you are, in fact, hot, when you gonna let me hit dat?
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