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Thread: Inappropriate Posts will be deleted

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    Sihing73 Guest

    Inappropriate Posts will be deleted

    Hello All,

    I do not have as much time to moderate as I used to, due to the requirements of life. I recently deleted the topic, "Is Jas a babe" or some such title. Several of you had already replied that this was an inappropriate topic and I could'nt agree more. I would even offer an apology to Jasbourne for the insensitivity of some, although I am sure the poster did not mean anything disrespctful but only showed poor judgement.

    I wanted to say that you guys, and gals, have been doing pretty good and not keeping me too busy. Though there are some topics I would prefer did not pop up from time to time, most of you have responded in a mature manner and I thank you for that. :)

    This is just a reminder that posts of an inapropriate or inflamatory nature are subject to being deleted and the poster prevented from posting anymore things of a similar nature. I would prefer not to do this, I hate work, ;) but will do so if forced to. I belive most of us are adults and would ask that we conduct ourselves in a mature manner, I know we can do this.

    Well, that's it for my rambling. As always, anyone wishing to discuss this, or anything else, may contact me directly at either of the following emails:



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    JasBourne Guest
    I did see the thread, but was unable to respond at that time due to work.

    One the one hand, I was flattered, on the other somewhat disturbed. It was very strange to be talked about in the third person like that, to have people speculating on my physical appearance.

    Thanks guys, I'm glad you all think I'm groovy. Hate to pop your fantasy bubble, but in real life I'm a happily settled broad with a corporate job. I'm just regular people, you probably wouldn't notice me in the supermarket.

    Some days I feel like this:

    and some days I feel like this:

    and online I mostly sound like this cranky shero of mine:

    I know it's a tired old cliche, and that a lot of you think "only fat old chicks say it", but honest to god it's true - it's who you are inside that matters. All else is transitory, and time is fleeting, so try to focus on what is really importantant in life. ;)


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    old jong Guest
    Here's to you Jas. ;)

    Old jong and cie LTD.(TM)

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    kungfu cowboy Guest
    :D Jas, you are hilarious! :D (btw, that middle picture is a doozy!)

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    Johnny Hot Shot Guest


    Sigh ;)

    "Life's a great adventure, mate."
    Jacko Jackson

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