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Thread: Rattan Rings

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    Abstract Guest

    Rattan Rings

    Do any of the more experienced WC ppl here use these? I was thinking of purchasing a pair for my home practice. I know they're supposed to be used to keep your hands linked properly for attack/defense. How? Should I get them? And if I do, what size? I've seen 18 & 16 inch rings.

    Thanks for any input! :)

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    Abstract Guest


    Bueller? Bueller? ANyone? Frye? c'mon y'all..dag..
    :( :confused:

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    Armin Guest


    Hi Abstract!

    Rattan rings? What for??? I don't even know them!

    If you want to use them for Chi Sao (rolling-) practice - forget it! You need a partner or something that allows you to press forward - rings will mean pressing sideways due to holding them.


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    DrunkMonkeyFist1 Guest

    Rattan Ring Bad / Partner Good

    I'm gonna have to agree with Armin ..when you use a rattan ring , you're going to have to use outward pressure to hold the ring up, and in chi sao your pressure should be forward.
    I think if anything it will give you a false impression of where your pressure should be directed.

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    BeiKongHui Guest
    Although I don't use the rings myself 16" & 18" is WAY too big. I think Randy Williams, who uses the rings in his school, uses a 10" or 11" ring. I think you can get them through him or at BLT.

    "Gong Sao Mo Gong Ching Sao"
    - When you talk with the hands,
    best not to speak of polite hands.

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    Abstract Guest

    ah haah....

    so some say bad, others, ok....see I know a partner is MUCH better, but for the times I am solo & without partner(which may be rare), that was what I would use them for...can't really do chi sao w/wifey, she's mad petite(and wouldn't cooperate anyways :p )
    So 10 or 11 inch rings, if I HAVE to use them? I'll have to go take a look at them...doesn't BLT supplies have a spot in CHinatown in Manhattan??(nyc?).

    Thanks again peoples! :D

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    Highlander Guest
    There are several drill that you can use the ring for other than Chi Sao, unfortunately I don't know any of them but there are tapes that explain them. We do use the rings for beginners learning the basic structures of Chi Sao, but once they have them they work with other people and little is gained by using the rings because of the pressure the has previously been mentioned. Our rings are 12" in diameter.

    As far as practicing solo Chi Sao, Sandman or Sihing73 posted a method on the Southern Chinese board quite a while back. It uses a bicycle inner tube. This gives you the pressure. Unfortunately I think that thread got wiped out in a crash.

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    Gluteus Maximus Guest

    Inner tube exercises

    Copied below.
    Cheers, Max

    "Inner tube exercises

    Needed: one bicycle inner tube. Tie a knot in the middle. Cut off metal nozzle. Used to provide resistance, is the only possible way to get forward pressure of chi sao without a partner.

    1) Across back and around wrists, punch sets. speed punches, any other 2-handed techniques (dbl gon, quan, etc)

    2) Stand in one loop, other loop over wrist, for 1-hand chi sao. Can stand in loop w/both feet, vary width apart for increased tension.

    3) Wear one loop around chest, insert hands from below up through loop against chest, extend arms outward.

    tan>bong and reverse drilling in exercises

    "rolling the ball"

    2-hand chi sao.

    4) Loop over one ankle and stand in the other for kicking practice."

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    mun hung Guest

    Hula-hoop exercises

    Needed: one hula-hoop preferrably pink or yellow.

    1) wear a mini skirt or short shorts, so people can see your legs.

    2) place hula-hoop around waist.

    3) start sexy hip movement till you are shaking your butt in a smooth rythmic circular action.

    4) keep hula "sticking" to your waist. Ooh, Baby!

    Just kidding, max! :)

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    Abstract Guest


    thanks dunn...

    mun hung: that was uhmm, err uhh...interesting...
    or no....uhhhh

    :confused: :eek: :D ;)

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    TjD Guest

    forward pressure??

    i always thought you wanted forward intent not forward pressure when doing chi sau?

    either way it would best to save you chi sau for partners...

    if you want to train alone, there are better things to practice, like punching and kicking and turning drills
    and dont forget the forms!
    if you have an hour to waste, im sure an hour of siu lim tau would be of more benefit than playing inside an inner tube :)
    or an hour of chain punches, or kicks, or chum kiu

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    Abstract Guest


    I do those already at home, I was just looking for a way to vary things up a bit, once in a while, u know? I'm not so sure i'll do the inner tube thing...i WAS curious about the rings, but now i may just forgo that altogether & stick with what I have right now and just focus on getting better at that. thanx again ppl!!

    The Abstract
    :D ;)

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    mun hung Guest


    Who do you train with in the tristate? Just curious because I'm in NY.

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    edward Guest

    no need for it

    chi sao roll is a forward motion, the rings teach you a bad habit and just make you go circular

    defintiely not worth the money

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    Sihing73 Guest

    Energy varies

    Hello All,

    I have not used the rattan rings but there are some lineages that use them quite extensively. Just as there are other dummies for different things the rings can provide a valuable training tool. While it is true that Chi Sau is more forward in its intent, we must remember that Chi Sau is all about energy and becoming sensitive to it. Once one starts to incorporate footwork adn movement into Chi Sau one may find times when the energy takes a "circular" form. It helps to know how to deal with energy in this form as well.

    Chi Sau can take many forms. In some instances you may want to produce forward pressure in others you will want a light touch. A lot depends on the situation and your intent at the time. Also, each different method allows one to play with differing forms of energy and train diferent things. Using a lot of forward pressure can actually help one to improve structure and stance, especially if your opponent is providing more force than you can produce :) Remember, Chi Sau is not the same as fighting, though some will disagree with me on this :p but is only one method of developing sensitivity and awareness of energy, both attributes a valuable carry over should a fight arise.;)

    Yeah, I posted the inner tube post quite a while back. Basically it is based on methods developed by Jesse Glover. Jesse's students are quite good at providing the "forward pressure" and although many will say their Chi Sau is crude they are or can be quite formidable. If your are not sensitive enough you will find that you will get hit by someone using a lot of forward energy as they burst through the holes in your defense very quickly. You have little time to react. If there is an interest I will repost the inner tube post again. I think I always advocated the use of a partner but stated this was something that could be done without a partner. Mainly it can help with proper structure of the techniques and increasing your ability to exert forward pressure, particularily for extended periods of time. BTW: I try to use a soft touch and some of my former students described my Chi Sau as "silk" they claimed they did not feel me until I hit them. Of course I am not saying how good or bad they were, there are many that eat me for breakfast, lunch and dinner :p



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