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Thread: I have an idea!

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    Ryu Guest

    I have an idea!

    Hey, what would happen if I called my style "Kung Fu" and when I fought I took people to the ground, mounted, pounded, etc.
    I could get a novice BJJ player with a gi choke or a ude garami and say I beat him with Kung Fu!
    :D We've all seen the movies, I can just say it's a long lost "style" of Kung Fu. :)

    .......... Okay maybe not. :(
    Sorry, very immersed with Taiwanese friends right now :D


    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    joedoe Guest
    BJJ/Judo/whatever can be kung fu too :)

    Just don't open a school that teaches BJJ/Judo/whatever and call it Shaolin<insert name here> to cash in on the Shaolin name. :D

    You're fu(king up my chi

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    Ralek Guest
    Everyone knows that Shaolin is a joke. I wouldn't use the name Shaolin in a school. It would attract a bunch of people who think chinese people who meditate all day are good fighters.

    Ryu. I wouldn't do that. If it's not kung fu then don't call it that. If you choke them out then they will get a high opinion of kung fu even though kung fu sucks.

    TKD the real street lethal!!!!

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    DragonzRage Guest
    Oh, it has been done before Ryu, believe me. Hell, I see a lot of kung fu fighters that look suspiciously like muay thai/wrestling as well :D

    "The UFC spawned a new breed of "mixed martial artists." World-class wrestlers learned to kickbox. Champion kickboxers learned to grapple. (The karate experts learned to stay home.)"

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    Ming the Merciless Guest
    ...because nobody EVER thought of those moves before BJJ came along

    shut up, stupid.

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    Ralek Guest
    Dragon Raze. When i fought shaolin Tiger he did roundhouses to my thigh just like a muy thai guy. And he shot in for a double leg takedown just like a freestyle wrestler. He does san shou.

    Is it really kung fu? It depends on your definition of kung fu. If your definition of kung fu is "arts that are indiginous to china" then san shou is not kung fu. But if your definition of Kung fu is "any fighting techniques even from muy thai and free style wrestling" then i guess you can consider san shou to be kung fu.

    Muy thai is the grand daddy of all the BOXING styles whether kick boxing, san shou boxing. Muy thai spawned these other boxing styles by KO'ing a bunch of traditional fighters.

    TKD the real street lethal!!!!

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    Knifefighter Guest
    Actually, there are quite a number of techniques in BJJ that are specific to that discipline. Most notably guard and 1/2 guard techniques.?

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    JasBourne Guest
    Ryu-fu... I like it. Open a school, hang a Grandmaster shingle like cheesemaster does, and troll every MA board on the net.

    Oh, and don't forget to rabbit punch a taichi guy or two and call yourself the Grand Ultimate. And slam all other styles a lot.


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    Felipe Bido Guest

    Definition of Kung Fu

    Kung Fu is "accomplishment over time" or something you master by spending lots of times practicing it.

    So, Ralek, if you play you SNES over and over and over again, then we can say you have Kung Fu at Nintendo games...

    Sorry, Rolls, but it seems you've been doing Kung Fu all this time...

    -When it comes my turn...will you want me to go?
    -For Democracy any man'd give his only begotten son.

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    Ryu Guest
    Troll boards, hang grandmaster shingle. Gottcha.

    I'll get on it right away. :D


    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    Ralek Guest
    Jasbourne. I did not rabbit punch the tai chi instructor. I did a mystical punch known as the "left hook". It's actually a very powerful punch and is responible for most of the KO's in boxing.

    TKD the real street lethal!!!!

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    Grappling-Insanity Guest
    K ming show me the moves outside of modern hybrid grappling styles. I doubt you'll find any other than SC for throws.

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    Ryu Guest
    If she knows the boxing term "rabbit punch" don't ya think she'd know what a left hook is? :D

    So I shouldn't call it Kung Fu, huh Ralek?
    I can see your point. How about Chinese BJJ??
    Does that sound better?


    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    friday Guest
    hmmm...funny posts


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    Ralek Guest
    Jasbourne. I don't slam all other styles. I respect many styles in addition to my video game training.

    I respect videogames, muy thai, boxing, kickboxing, san shou, free style wrestling, greco-roman wrestling, brazilian jiujitsu, sambo, kali, tekken, streetfighter series, virtua fighter, soul caliber, ect.

    I only trash styles that are based on forms, stances, dead drills, and thorwing dragon punches into the air. Styles like Kung fu, Shotokan karate, taijiquan, wing chun, choy li fut, Hsing I, ect.

    TKD the real street lethal!!!!

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