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Thread: Please give critique to my online demos-small frame and others

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    Please give critique to my online demos-small frame and others

    Dear Brother ¡°Old Yang¡±, ¡°Hung-Le¡±, ¡°Oasis¡±:

    About that ¡°YangShaohou Book¡±, i was originally just going to mail it out to ¡°Old Yang¡± anonymously and not mentioning anything about Yang Shaohou, but seeing your enthusiasm and being a martial arts older brother of yours, I decided to share something more-you can watch me demonstrating one version of the small frame form online in one of my disciple¡¯s websites.

    I am one of the inheritors of Small Frame Yang style Taiji and I live between Beijing and NY. Let me just show you my videos of one version of the style (links on the bottom) and we can talk about it later.

    Basically, Wu Tunan is only one of the inheritors of the family¡¯s small frame form, he studied for 4 years after a few years of learning with Wu Jianquan in his teens. My lineage is from Tian Zhaolin-Ye Dami(both are from Shanghai)-Ye Ruichun combining flavors of a couple of other teachers, not from the Wu Tunan lineage.

    A little about Grandmaster Ye Dami, he was one of the main sponsors of Yang Chengfu in Shanghai and even though he was one generation lower, in many ways, Yang Chengfu called him brother. He founded the 1st Tai Chi center of Shanghai, Wudang Taichi School(being a friend of General Li Jinglin, spending years of retreat in Wudang, he prefer the name ¡°Wudang¡± over ¡°Yang¡±.)(a photo of his is in ¡°Warrior of Stillness¡± book), his teacher Tian Zhaolin was like a servant to Yang Shaohou, but Shaohou¡¯s father JianHou could not stand the severe beating and abuse done onto Tian by his son, so he also decided to teach Tian, that¡¯s how Tian learned his version of small frame. Some of his disciples are still alive in shanghai and their form is not the same as my video, but there are similarities, we are all very different from the Large frame form. About push-hands, haha, i¡¯ll be in Shanghai next month and i¡¯ll find out when i go visit them.

    As a newcomer on the board and older brother of Kung fu, feel free to let me know if there is any question I can answer for you. I give seminars at more than 30 martial arts schools nationwide and I am a lineage holder of Sun Style as well. If you look at the board¡¯s event¡¯s calendar, I just taught a Sun Xingyi workshop in Manhattan last week hosted by BP Chan and BK Francis¡¯s students. I did a demo and said if any two person from the crowd was able to hold my arm down while i was flat laying on the ground(one person controlling one arm), i would walk out the seminar and refund their tuition and stated that this was nothing close to what Master Sun Lu Tang was able to do. The truth is, in China, I know at least over a dozen of friends are way better than me, but only two of them are government-related coaches, two of them are my Big Brothers-coach Zhang HongJun and Zhang Hongbiao of Tianjin.(Oasis, your teacher Shawn Liu knows them as well, that¡¯s where I learned the trick from even though they are from the Zhang ZhaoDong lineage, principles are the same as in Sun Style.) I am not too attached to the origin or lineage as long as the right principles are there in the style.

    My videos were shot many years ago when I just started to teach and there are a lot of mistakes there, please be kind to pt out, but you might find them better than a lot of the Yang styles today. Anyway, I leave them there so my students can also learn from my mistakes.

    Feel free to contact and welcome to New York as guests anytime, i just quit my job as Dept Chair of an Acupuncture college and now teach at my friend-Master Ray Longo¡¯s school in Long Island, one of the homes of Ultimate Fighters(one of his champion student is Matt Sierra who¡¯s fighting in Japan), I am applying internal principles of Xingyi and Bagua to teach the fighters recover faster and putting Fajin in their workout. (also, this is the first time teaching grapplers, I have to say they are very nice people, much better morals than some of my kung fu friends, just to let you know.)

    The more I see, the more I feel Wang XiangZhai¡¯s direction was right but missing a couples of cures of treating training side-effects¡ China¡¯s internal is better than ever in terms of evolution- new styles with thousands of practitioners are not even heard of here in US (some are founded by my friends)-Master Li Zijian¡¯s the Way of the Path, Lu¡¯s Universal Law, Coach Zhang HongJun¡¯s Harmony Qi Dance, etc, I will slowly expose these styles in US now that I quit my job.

    Some of my Video Demonstrationsa bit of everything)
    ... Demonstrated by. Ping Zhen Cheng. T'ai Chi ... & Yang)
    (a documentary with some of my demos)
    (watching the 1st & 2nd video sometimes requires going into the main site and click on the following: "Disciplines"-"baguachang" or "taichi")

    Kung Fu Magazine News and Events
    ... New York will be hosting Professor Ping Zhen Cheng on a ... Professor Cheng is a native
    of Hebei, his lineage ... Sun Cunzhou's close-door disciple, Master Zhang Lie ... - 49k - Cached - Similar pages

    If any of you still need that book, I¡¯ll get my assistant instructor to mail them to you.

    Ping zhen Cheng of New York
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