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Thread: OT: Christmas time

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    Question OT: Christmas time

    Good or bad?

    Fun or sh!t?

    Answer honestly...

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    Chillin w/out the family this year... awesome.
    practice wu de

    Actually I bored everyone to death. Even Buddhist and Taoist monks fell asleep.....SPJ

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    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    It is a time for family union.

    It is a hearty time to exchange gifts.

    It is a headache time for me to figure out tax and bonus for my staff.

    I also get a lot of gifts from clients and other hospitals.

    For a Christian, it is the time to remember and cerebrate the birth of the Savior.

    For a Catholic, there is an prayer and vigil.

    For business, it is the biggest sale day of the year.

    All we need are some snows.

    Fly safely. Drive safely. Watch out for your fireplace.

    Hope the mail men deliver your cards and packages in time.

    Most important of all.

    Peace on earth and everywhere.

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    Christmas buds.
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    I got Christmas and Christmas Eve off this year, so it's great! What's not to like? Gingerbread with whipped cream, home-made cookies decorated by giddy children, dog ****ed 'cuz the tree is in his favorite hidding spot and shows this by following me everywere. Dad got me something tacky again (but it wouldn't be Christmas if he didn't. ) Grandma sent me another out-of-state check I probably won't be able to cash. Again. (Same as with dad's tacky gifts. ) Turkey dinner with all kinds of pie and candy and 3 kinds of taders. Not having to cook for a week afterwards. Putting new holliday pix into this year's scrapbook. This is what makes life worth living and gives fond memories and funny stories for years to come!
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    It's great!

    Although I'm 6000 miles away from my really really beloved family, I'm also 6000 miles away from the pressure to enjoy Xmas, in a country where it really does mean a time to get some honest shopping for loved ones done and a good midwinter festival in, rather than all the religious crap!

    And I'm with my fiancee, who is great, so I'd better be going!

    Peace on Earth to you all.

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