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Thread: Robert Chu January Semianr 2005

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    Post Robert Chu January Semianr 2005

    Hello all

    As I have posted before, I am hosting Sifu Robert Chu in San Diego on January 29th and 30th.

    I will have a flyer up Shortly on my site:

    Also, e-mail me with questions at

    Dave McKinnon
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    It is a new year and a very exciting time for everyone as we look forward to another great year of training.

    In the spirit of openness and further education, I am inviting Sifu Robert Chu to San Diego to teach a seminar on the 29th and 30th of January 2005.

    This promises to be an exceptional seminar and I encourage everyone who can make it to sign up ASAP. I have had a lot of great response from local Wing Chun, Mixed Martial Artists and practitioners from other Traditional Chinese and Japanese systems. Committing to come to this seminar is committing to seeing a jump in your understanding and skill in the New Year.

    Since originally posting this in November, I have received some great feedback from people who have met, trained with or hosted a seminar by Sifu Chu. I hope to see you all there.

    We host seminars in Germany with Sifu Robert Chu. He is a excellent teacher and I’m looking forward to meet him next year.

    – Andreas Hoffmann Grand Master Chi Sim Wing Chun

    For those interested, Robert does teach an effective Wing Chun method and any one interested in progressing their knowledge is well advised to attend. I have many differences from his approach, but his approach is very good. I have known him for years and have always thought he was very knowledgeable and has very pragmatic aproach to wing chun. I have attended a mini class/seminar durring a wing chun friendship meeting and have to say I thought his stuff was functional.

    – Tom Parker

    If people have a chance, they should go. Robert is one of those rare individuals who can often improve your application ability drastically in a short period of time. You won't get a specific historic lineage or super secret technique, just incredibly solid mechanics to increase power and efficiency.

    – Rene Richie

    “Every time I attend a seminar taught by Sifu Chu, I find my understanding increases dramatically. Meeting him opened my eyes to the efficiency of the Wing Chun combative method.”

    – Dave McKinnon

    Robert Chu Wing Chun Seminar in San Diego California!
    When: January 29th and 30th 2005
    Location: Setting Sun Martial Arts
    4993 Niagara Ave Ste 109
    San Diego Ca, 92107
    Call Now to Register: 619-246-2977

    Robert Chu will be teaching a two-day seminar focusing on the functional combative methods of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Sifu Robert Chu specializes in the combative application of Wing Chun and this promises to be an eye-opening seminar for anyone not familiar with his practical and direct methods. Robert is one of those rare individuals who can often improve your application ability drastically in a short period of time regardless of experience or style. This is not a seminar geared to teach a specific historic lineage or “secret” technique, just incredibly solid mechanics that work to increase power and efficiency.

    Robert Chu is an internationally respected teacher who has taught numerous Wing Chun Seminars in Germany, England and across the United States. Sifu Chu began practicing the martial arts in the early 1970s. He specializes in combat application of Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is the co-author of Complete Wing Chun, (Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc, 1998) and has written many articles for Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Legends, Inside Martial Arts, Martial Arts Combat Sports and other publications, in addition to his regular monthly column, Wandering Knight, which appears in Martial Arts Combat Sports magazine.


    Saturday January 29th 9am – 6pm
    The focus of the first day will be the introduction of body structure and the use of the Wing Chun conceptual methods in application. Static and dynamic exercises for testing and tuning the body structure will be taught to reinforce and develop it as a functional skill set. The conceptual model will be used to break down and diagnose the anatomy of combat from the Wing Chun mindset, which will segue into the next day’s instruction on Wing Chun fighting and Chi Sao methods.

    Sunday January 30th
    The second day of the seminar will cover two main topics in detail, the Wing Chun methods of Gor Sau (Fighting) and Chi Sao (Sticking Hands) application. (***Seminar attendees are not required to have previous Chi Sau experience to gain benefit from this section***) Topics will include the Five Stages of an encounter, the Chu Sau Lei Key Word model of understanding, evaluating and focusing the combative mindset in application, and the Body structure methods of intercepting an attack, breaking structure, changing the centerline and controlling an opponent.

    Seminar Tuition:
    Day of the Seminar:
    1 Day $135
    2 Days $250

    Pre-reregistered Guests (Must mail check or contact centerline martial arts before January 25 2005)
    1 Day $100
    2 Day $200
    Group Rate
    2 Days for 5 people $800
    Larger Groups please contact me!

    Privates: Sifu Chu will also be available for private and small group lessons after regular seminar times, please contact seminar host for information.

    Please send all checks or money orders to:
    Dave McKinnon
    10299 E Scripps Trail #108
    San Diego Ca, 92131

    Hotel: 411 Hotel Circle S San Diego, California, 92108-3402, United States
    Phone: 619-291-1300 Toll Free Reservations: 800-328-1618

    Address: Seminar will be hosted at the Setting Sun Martial Arts Academy
    4993 Niagara Ave Ste 109San Diego Ca, 92107

    Coming South on the 5
    I-5 S toward SAN DIEGO.
    Take the SEA WORLD DRIVE exit- EXIT 21- toward TECOLOTE ROAD.
    Turn RIGHT onto SEA WORLD DR.
    Stay straight to go onto SUNSET CLIFFS BLVD.
    Turn RIGHT onto NIAGARA AVE.

    Coming North on the 5
    I-5 N toward SAN DIEGO.
    Merge onto I-8 W toward BEACHES.
    I-8 W becomes SUNSET CLIFFS BLVD.
    Turn RIGHT onto NIAGARA AVE.

    Coming West on the 8
    I-8 W becomes SUNSET CLIFFS BLVD.
    Turn RIGHT onto NIAGARA AVE.

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    You've got a typo in the link to your website. Drop the "b".
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    Awesome. Robert is top notch. Anyone attending is sure to pick up some great insight.

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    Thanks Matrix



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