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Thread: Since you losers closed this topic here's my reply to "America: Worst Terrorist"

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    omegapoint Guest

    Since you losers closed this topic here's my reply to "America: Worst Terrorist"

    The reality is that the architects of this supposed American ideal and system were slave-owning hemp and tobacco farmers. The constitution was written for white men who owned land. When they say "all men" they weren't talking about the middle or lower classes, minorities or women. You guys have always had to work yourselves to death to make Aristocrats with superiority complexes richer, and more powerful.

    They were seen as traitorous British citizens and totally unpatriotic. Revolutionaries are often considered unpatriotic, but if you talk to most politicians, American citizens and historians, they would say George, Thomas, Ben and them are the incarnations of patriotism.

    America ain't perfect and probably never will be. Too many dense folk and knuckleheads, but you ain't got to continuously lie to the people.Capitalism can only capitalize and compete for so long before the masses become hip to the illusion. There is a provision in the Constitution that states whenever the govrnment isn't being run by the people and for the people, we have every right to revolt and revamp. Go check it out. It's in there.

    Utopia is a lofty and unrealistic concept to elitist because they don't feel that all humans were created equal. Only true FREEMEN, with the knowledge of the intricacies and dynamics of the machinations of deception. The term "Manifest Destiny" means to make your future a reality, or in other words, to conjure up, or make real your destiny by doing what you gots to do to make you and your kind comfortable for as long as possible.

    The fact is that most people are without the slightest inkling as to what the true world dynamics are and always have been. It use to be about "Divine Right of Kings", and now the only difference is the titles, and the fact that most CEOs and the like are much richer and more powerful than many kings past and present.

    You're the Sheep to be fleeced and herded and they're the Shepherds. I was in the Air Farce for 2 terms and believe me I'm not unpatriotic. Au contraire, I'm the exact opposite. It's funny how a lot of civilians with no military background are so patriotic just because people who claim to be better and smarter and more privileged than you tell you to be. Look at the back of a dollar bill. What does "Novus Ordo Seclorum" mean? What does Annuit Coeptis mean? Why do they have the symbol for Freemasonry on our dollar bill? What does that have to do with America and its "Judeo-Christian" ideals? How are we Judeo Christian based when none of the founding fathers considered themselves Christians? They were all Deist, go look it up. Isn't that "Eye of Ra" symbol floating above the pyramid a pagan, Egyptian symbol for the fallen one? Do you people even have a clue as to what is really happening around you?

    Can you answer any of those questions? Are you really a patriot if you support these things? Or are the real patriots the ones who love this country for what it can and WILL BE? The bottom line is land and owning things. How you gonna get everything and have just "ONE", when you gots many? E. Pluribus Unum- From many comes one. One way of thinking, worshipping, and living. One race. You get all these things through population control, hence the bombing of innocent, starving women and children that we're here to save.... Foooools!!!!!

    PS: Didn't our mighty commander in queef join the National Guard to avoid serving in Vietnam? Why don't these good ole' aggressive boys fight their own battles??? Hmmmm....

    What bin Laden did was terrible, but there is a "cause" for every "effect". These modern alchemists that have made gold (money) from frikkin' blood, sweat, tears and paper will tell you that. Remember reading is fundamental. TO ONE.... Hahahahahaha!

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    Kung Lek Guest
    hmmmn, a bit cynical and a tad nihilistic there omegapoint.

    so what is your point? you don't like the comfy chair you're sitting in?
    You are vapidly against the amenities that living in the western world gives you?

    It's pretty easy to spout the utter garbage you spout when you sit where you sit and the only reason you may be sitting where you sit is because someone else died on a field of battle for your lame excuse of an assinine self so that you could have the "right" to spout such nonsense.

    Just what is your problem with the rite of free masons? Clearly you know very little about the order other than what some drunken commie hippy shouted out to you during a rally against capitalism somewhere sometime.

    You think that totalitarian regimes such as the Taliban or petty criminal governments knwo what the truth of living right is? What is it? Do you think the romans knew?

    Get a life and shut the hell up. The truth is, it doesn't matter who the leader is, it matters that there is a leader. even as just a symbol of power.

    It doesn't matter that you or I may not like the ways of the world, what matters is that there is a world and that we live in it and thank the lord above that we happen to have been born in part of it where we at least have an opportunity to grab the brass ring instead of listening to the rants of facist, draconian madmen and suck desert asand morning noon and night.

    very easy indeed for you to spout your version of what is truth. Here's the truth omegapoint. There is no truth! Only a perception of what it is and it differs everywhere depending on the opportunity that is given to you.

    Where do you think it was decided that you, the common man should even have the opportunity to learn to read.

    sit down and shut up.

    and while you're shutting up, contemplate this...


    Kung Lek

    Martial Arts Links

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    gazza99 Guest

    Optimism and pessimism

    An optimist beleives he lives in the best of all possible worlds, a pessimist fears this to be true.

    You both make good points, and I am indeed extremely cynical myself. However the things omegapoint mentions are not going to be changed. History is not going to be re-written, and human nature will always pervail over the psycho-babble of a few bleeding hearted liberals. kill or be killed, only the strong survive, or only the rich get richer, whatever cliche you wish to use that is the nature of the beast.

    Like it or leave it, learn to play the game, or be beaten, your choice..

    "Of course thats just my opinion, I could be wrong"-Dennis Miller

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    Xebsball Guest
    Calling the mods "losers" is not a very nice thing to do.

    "You will never need to feel weak, helpless, indecisive, not fascinating or ashamed of your genital dimensions. GOOD-BYE Humiliation. Bullies, Karate Experts, Boxing Champions, traffic wardens will melt to pulp as you master every situation."
    Master Deltoo

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    omegapoint Guest


    As for your support of elitism; if the freakin' architects of western society want to pan off their fraternal orders ("Ordo ab Chao") something for the common good of man, then why don't they include all people not just cracker-assed white guys and a few token minorities. Why so secretive? who the fizuck do they think they are? They need numbers to prevail (figuratively and literally), and backs to break for their own comfort. As for what I know about Freemasonry the Bilderberger group, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Club of Rome and the like, you'll never know. I'm not enlightened or ILLuminated. I don't claim to be the one you should vote for, worship, obey or pay allegiance to.

    I only state the facts based on research and empirical evidence. Bin Ladin and them are just as Satanic as the rest of you elitist and the time for "delta" is soon. Trust me, all knuckleheads-- "lights out"--- it's coming soon to a country near you. Get back to moderating this forum based on the First Amendment, and not your personal feelings. As for luxury. How the hell do you know how I live or the rest of the world for that matter? Kung Lek is a Chinese name right? Ever been to the orient? Have you peeped what the majority of the world looks and lives like?

    Speaking of Fascist, the Nazis use to use that "One" BS, too. Didn't we get a lot of their educated folks and scientists? Didn't we profit off the gold from millions of slaughtered Jews? The world just keeps on spinning like that one last neuron floating in that abyss you call your cranium. Get with it, and open your "Eye of Ra"...

    PS: To the oblivious idiot that called me a liberal, ain't u got the gist sister? Liberal, commie, conservative, moderate, autocrat or whatever is EXACTLY the same beast. Satan is legion. Satan divides. Satan kills (like bin Laden) and calls it the "good fight". Murder is murder... As for survival of the fittest; That erroneous statement credited to Darwin is 100 % fallacy. He never used those words "Survival of the Fittest"! I know 'cause I have my undergrad degree in Biology! Now I'm in Med-school and Kung Lek has the nerve to call me "common". You elitist think you're physically and mentally fit? T-Rex and Giganotosaurus were the baddest mofos for tens of millions of years. Where are they now? We'll see who's fit in the coming years. No clue.... And don't ever lump me together with some good-ole' boy political network again!!! They may got you trikkked, but I know it's all "blue-printed"!!!

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    Xebsball Guest
    BTW, did you guys notice that the patriotic ways of most americans can be a type of fundamentalism?
    At least thats what some history teacher dude said on tv the other day.

    "You will never need to feel weak, helpless, indecisive, not fascinating or ashamed of your genital dimensions. GOOD-BYE Humiliation. Bullies, Karate Experts, Boxing Champions, traffic wardens will melt to pulp as you master every situation."
    Master Deltoo

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    Kung Lek Guest
    i don't care if he calls me a loser, I've been called worse, sticks and stones.

    It's the position that is taken in his message.
    It is wrong, he is biting the hand that feeds him and that is the fundamental error with what he has written.

    The free world may have had some hard beginnings but none of us, not a single one would be sitting at a computer and discussing issues such as this if not for those "free masons" who started this all and laid the foundations for the free world.

    Not one of us, not a single common person of non noble lineage would have the chance to get a university education and not one of us, not a single one would even understand the content of what is being written here if not for those who strived for the ends, which is freedom for all.

    Do not confuse dissent with disloyalty, was part of a phrase that ed murrough(sp?) stated. This is that it is your right and mine as free citizens of the free world to activily question the intent of those who would lead our countries.

    There is no evil empire at work here. The evil empire is the ignorant realm of those who attack the free world.
    Let's not get the position to foggy here.

    Kung Lek

    Martial Arts Links

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Because i'm a moderator doesn't mean I don't have an opinion.


    Kung Lek

    Martial Arts Links

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    prana Guest
    and i thought mods were bots :D :D

    good job :)

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    Budokan Guest

    Sh*tcan the rhetoric--you're not impressing anybody with your polemics.

    Who you callin' a loser you suckheaded f*ck?

    You keep hacking me off and I'll sic Goktimus and his pod of fellating pie-dropped faced freaks on you.... Yeah, then we'll see who the loser is.

    Oh, yeah.

    K. Mark Hoover

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    DrunkenMonkey Guest
    Sorry to burst your bubble, Omega, but...

    Only the Southern colonies produced tobacco, while all of New England and west were into ship building, fishing and other industries. Hemp back then was also grown for ROPE you idiot.

    The Constitution was written to denounce the evils of the British Empire and announce the rights of a free America. True, it was written for Whites, but that was that at the time.

    The revolutionaries you are mentioning, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Washington etc. were patriots of the AMERICAN DREAM, while the other who followed them simply wanted to cut off ties from the British because of outrageous taxes and restrictions.

    Overall, despite some truths in your cynical babbling, you cannot compare the America 200 years ago to the America now. We have come a long way, no matter what you say. Even 15 years ago, you would never see a black man next to a black woman on TV with equal rights. Today you see interracial marriages etc.

    And the court system, despite its "corruption" is much more fair that even 20 years ago.

    Sure, you can look at the bad side of America. But, what's the point? Where is that going to get you? Being a cynical dead-beat is just like preparing to die. If you feel so strongly about what you believe in, take an initiative and stop whining.

    "****ed be the day that befalls us in a most hostile manner that shall compromise our Country, and ****ed be the great lengths at which are required of to stir our Patriotism." - Anonymous

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    Serpent Guest

    Kung Lek - You are so missing the point!

    It's not biting the hand that feeds you.

    I'm sure Omegapoint is just as grateful as everyone else that lives in the "free" west for the opportunities he has. These countries were built on solid and good foundations with founding principles to be proud of.

    The problem is the blatant abuse of those precepts and the bloody mindedness of those in power now to stay in power.

    Remember - karma's a *****.

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    Silumkid Guest
    I always love how the dissidents taking the fad stance love to say what school they go to or where they are from as if it makes their point any more valid. Sounds like somebody has been listening to too much Rage Against the Machine.

    Biting the hand that feeds is quite correct. Noone is saying you have to agree with everything the government does...I certainly don't. But I thank my lucky stars quite often that I live in a country that I can express my views without fear of being shot or run over by a tank.

    Yes, many of us do have a quite good idea how the "rest of the world" lives. But how is that an argument AGAINST our way of life and government. If anything, it's a testament to our success. And as been said before, losers always hate winners.

    We are trained in wushu; we must protect the Temple!

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    DrunkenMonkey Guest
    Omegapoint, you live in America. Your mind, body and demeanor are molded by its societal intricacies, political wants and needs, distastes, disgusts, expectations and downfalls, no matter if you think so or not.

    You can go ahead and preach your "views" all you want, attempting to "open" the eyes of your fellow citizens to the "truth" when you are simply fooling yourself.

    You self-righteous donkey, you think you're so much better than Kung Lek or the rest of us, when you're preaching your own religion in an attempt to prove that your view and your view alone is what makes you superior.

    And just incase, I don't think my views are the answer either. Trust me, I've been at your point of view, and sometimes I still revert to it. Being a cynic is fine. Its what helps us grow in mind and spirit. But a powerful man is the man who has the idealism to believe that man is inherinantly good, and the cynicism to know that this is not always true.

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    brainpan Guest
    Omegapoint, very good post. It's a shame that most Americans won't get it.

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