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Thread: Wooden Practise Swords

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    Gazza Guest

    Wooden Practise Swords

    I remember awhile back, someone posted a picture of the wooden swords that they had made. I wonder if anyone can help me track down who it was, and what thread it was on. I am possibly interested in making some myself.


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    Watchman Guest

    It was me

    Here is the thread.

    I didn't make the swords myself, though. My sifu had ordered them from somewhere (I can't remember where), and I happened to be lucky enough to grab the last set he had at the time.

    Making a set wouldn't be difficult, as they seem to be constructed from single pieces of heavy duty plywood with extra wafers affixed for handles. A skill saw, some wood glue, a vise, and some sand paper should do the trick.

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    Gazza Guest

    Thankyou Watchman


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    Gluteus Maximus Guest
    Hi Gazza,

    I'm still in the process of making a pair out of blackbutt (a type of eucalypt that grows here).

    What I've done so far is: found some naturally seasoned blackbutt in an area that was cleared years ago for a road, cut several lengths with my chainsaw and then roughly ripped them (cut them lengthwise), also with my chainsaw, then made up a cardboard template and marked the shapes on them and cut them out with a bandsaw. Then I marked a central line right around the edge (so that I can be sure to shape them symetrically) and am fleshing out the 3-D shape using an Arbortech blade on my angle grinder. The final smoothing and sanding will take a while but they are going to be beautiful when they're completed.

    Anyway when I get them finished I'll get a pic digitized and post it on here.


    Yooby Yoody

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    Gazza Guest

    Hand Made Wodden Swords.

    Sounds great. I can't wait to get started,I might
    use teak or tawa. Keep me posted.

    Keep cool :cool:

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    chu yun Guest
    Will they be strictly decorative, or will they also be strong enough to train with?

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    Gluteus Maximus Guest
    Gazza - Yes I will keep you posted, no worries. Good luck with your local woods too, sounds good.

    Chy Yun - Yes, they will be strong enough to train with alright. The timber is Australian hardwood, which is noted for its strength. I'm planning on making another decorative pair for a friend after finishing this pair.


    Yooby Yoody

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    chongnoi Guest

    problem with wooden swords

    the problem I have found to be with wooden training swords is that the hook tends to break off if you are having any hard contact-such as if you are sparring with them or doing weapons defense drills. the grain pattern of the wood goes in such a way that the hook sticking out is easily acceptable to breakage. My suggestion would be that if making a wooden pair of swords-use metal for the handguard and hook part. Also do not waste your money on expensive wood such as teak that will break. the best wood to use in any impact wooden weapons is hickory.

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    Watchman Guest
    Chongnoi is correct about the fragility of the hook. You have to take it easy.

    If you're going to be doing hard contact drills, or rough-and-tumble chi do, then stick with the metal blades.

    As with everything, different materials have their optimum training ranges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneChing View Post
    Cool! I'm gonna wield my own wooden sword by next week.

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