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Thread: Wing Chun in the movies!

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    Allan T Guest

    Wing Chun in Movies??

    Anybody know of CMA movies where Wing Chun is used or is the main fighting style???
    Your help will be appreciated!!

    Allan D. Thomson
    Student of Leung Ting Wing Tsun
    South Africa

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    Abstract Guest


    Prodigal Son, by Sammo won an award for using authentic WC fighting/training sequences in it...somebody mentioned it here a month or so ago, and i FINALLY bought it, WHEW! i've watched it 100 times was funny too. :D

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    JasBourne Guest
    Prodigal is numbah one son! Best WC flick ever.

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    Juan Alvarez Guest
    Prodigal Son is definitely a must see. There's also Warrior Two, also by Sammo...r

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    Shadowboxer Guest

    Wing Chun in movies

    There is also Descendant of Wing Chun but I don't think it's as good as the other 2 mentioned here. And, of course, there is Wing Chun with Michelle Yeoh.

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    chongnoi Guest


    Prodigal Son
    Warriors II
    Stranger from Shaolin
    Wing Chun (micheele yeoh)

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    Martial Joe Guest
    It is kinda funny how michele doesnt even know wing chun and she stars in a movie on it...

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI

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    lotus kick Guest

    martial Joe

    It's call "acting".

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    Allan T Guest


    Can I order these movies on the Net? If so, from which site??

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    kungfu cowboy Guest
    Try, or do a search on the movie title.

    "I ain't got time for no jibber-jabber!"-----Mr. T

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    popsider Guest
    I recently got Prodigal Son from amazon, they claim to be able to get Warriors 2 but I have been waiting a while

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    chi-kwai Guest

    michelle yeo movie

    was entertaining, but that certainly wasn't wing chun she was doing. I think she may have done a tan sao like once or twice :)

    chi kwai

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    wingchunwsl Guest
    never heard of warriors II. is there just a little wing chun or more of it?

    ... and er.. sorry i dunno anything about it but what about warriors I?

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    Shadowboxer Guest

    Warriors II

    It's full of WC. And, if I'm not mistaken the teacher is supposed to be Leung Jan. Anybody else know for sure? Also, if you are a fan of Preying Mantis, there is a great fight scene between PM and WC. Don't know if there is a Warriors I.

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    Juan Alvarez Guest

    Warrior Two movie...


    you are right, it is Leung Jan. So is Prodigal Son, I believe. As for the Praying Mantis, well.. er... It's kind of silly, to my opinion. It's more like the Gravity Defying Mantis! It's entertaining anyhow. As for the title, I'm not quite sure why they named it like that because there is no Warrion One, to my knowledge!I

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