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    Hi does anybody know anything about Fujian Wing Chun Kuen according to the book complete Wing chun by authors Robert Chu and Rene Ritchie.Fujian Wing Chun represents a group of similar styles said to descend from the Fujian Siu Lam Jee(SHAOLINSI or YOUNG FOREST TEMPLE)Legends hold that JEE SHIM taught the martial arts in the Wing Chun Dien(ALWAYS SPRING HALL)of the temple.Following Siu Lam s destrction ,several of his disciples were said to have spread his teachings includeing FONG SAI YUK,and HU HUI GAN who brought the art to Guangdong.The basic curriculum includes FA KUEN (VARIEGATED FIST),MUI FA BAAT GWA (PLUM BLOSSOM EIGHT TRIGRAMS),PING YAO KUEN(LEVEL SMOOTH BOXING),FUT JEUNG (BUDDHAs PALM),BAAT SIK DAN DA (EIGHT FORM SINGLE HIT),LIEN WAN KAO DA (CONTINUOUS CAPTURE HIT),JONG KUEN (DUMMY BOXING),and LUK DIM BOON GWUN (SIX AND A HALF POINT POLE)This seems to be a very strange style of Wing Chun from FUJIAN PROVINCE does anybody know anything about this style. FIRE HAWK

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    This is all merely scholastic, meaning compiled from several sources and edited to make sense.

    Jee Shin was the Abbot of Shil Lum and is said to be the source of Hung Ga. I don't believe they would stand on tiptoes and imagine themselves the root of Wing Chun.

    It is said that there was a secret training hall where masters created new superstyles within Fukien Shil Lum. I like these stories, but the Legends don't really "hold" much reliable information.

    It is said that it's all a product of the the rebel "secret societies" with all our favorite characters being merely codenames.

    It is also said that although Yim Wing Chun was a student of Ng Mui, she developed Wing Chun herself, but it was not called that until after she was gone.

    Basically, all Wing Chun has roots in the Fukien Shil Lum.

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    Gu Yee Chaun The Ancient Chivilrous Fist was said to have been the elder style taught to the inside monks. According to Leung Chi Man Fut Sao Wing Chun evolved from this style. It was named Fut Sao Wing Chun in rememberance of the Shaolin Monks and Temple from which it was taught. There was a beautiful springtime well which was in the Shaolin courtyard whose name may have been used by Ming revolutionaries. Ng Moi may have taught Yim Wing Chun but the Gu Yee Chuan was taught to all the Elders. This is why most southern Shaolin systems make referance to a Fut Sao form.

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    "This is all merely scholastic, meaning compiled from several sources and edited to make sense."(I guess if people insist on quoting this book as though it were truth, I have to quote myself everytime)...

    This is more hearsay printed out as though people believe all they read...

    I would think this Gu Yee Chuan would have a Cantonese name in order to make it a LITTLE more believable.

    Good news about the WELL though, I wonder where that little gem was thought up, I mean discovered.

    If this Gu Yee Chuan was taught(as IF) to all the "Elders", then why is there no other references in the myriad arts decending from this temple?

    You know, come to think of it, alot of these arts DO have a Fut Sao, or Fut Jeung form or two. Say, I bet THAT'S why the Wing Chun adopted it! Especially using BOTH terms, saying Fut Sao as Buddha Palms... Perhaps it's used as a REMEMBRANCE, but everyone knows it was not named that at the beginning and I doubt anyone wonders why there's all this "new" info coming out now...

    C'mon man, put down the "kung fu" or even real info there... Better to listen to the poetic legends from a teacher than this fiendishly doctored up stuff.

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    Sam Guest
    MoQ I am not disagreeing with you Wing Chun is a modern term. As far as historical facts no one truly can be curtain of any of it. Lineages that swore up and down about Ng Moi and Yim Wing Chun are now stating that they didn't even exist so don't thumb your nose at me. As far as I'm concerned "Hands" tell. I can only speak from my experience and James Cama Sifu and his students have done well in open and closed door bouts with most of the NYC Wing Chun schools as well as the rest of the martial arts community.

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    Hehe- hey who you callin' a nosethumber? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    There are many old stories and it's a shame our paranoia leads us to the expose' mentality of National Weekly World News about Aliens and the FBI consulting psychic cows, cuz then we go hawkin' what we read as if it were something substancial, as if it was some kind of experience.

    Books are written from other books... published hearsay is considered documentation, now source material is from webpages for crissakes. There's more reason to ask "WHY?" this book than "What's in it?".

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