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Thread: Splashing Hands Info

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    bong Guest

    Splashing Hands Info

    Wing Chun, Jook Lum, Iliqchuan and others...the common root is easy to see, but hard for some to swallow.

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    Sihing73 Guest

    Please go into a little more detail. I think it is easy to see that all arts share a common root if you look far enough back. After all, there are only so many ways to punch or kick, bite grab etc your opponent therefore there must be some similarities between arts. I think where arts differ is on their philosophy of combat or applicaiton of techniques. I would like some more clarification on your views.



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    Turiyan Guest
    Splashing hands is rooted in alien people's martial arts. Mongolian and tibetan temple guardians. Totally different races, mentalitys, ect.

    For instance, how could one mimic the leg strength and endurance of mountain dwellers?

    The chin-na techniques are totally different. In high altitudes you have issues of thin air, and cold. So there's more mobility, tire your opponent out, or jow after a punch and yang, to hood something.

    Rather than the jow in tiger claw or the crushing dragon claw. Your fingers form as hooks, and catch stuff, like for mountain climbing.

    Some of these guys were well over 6 feet. Closer to 7 feet. What kind of picture does that paint for you? No standing straight or stooping over. Low stance...

    The other difference is its no brainer (well... for someone like me I guess). They manufacture hard hitting fighters in a fraction of the time. Big time emphasis on repetition. Patterns over forms.

    If you want to find a common ancestor for short fist styles, look at the manchurian tai chi and qigong form.

    Its *not* chinese..... Then again, southern chinese arent technically chinese anyways....

    If you've done your reasearch you'd find wing chun seems to be a health form that people made up combat applications for.

    I have a larger project on the subject i'm working on explaining my rational.

    My time is up

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    Sihing73 Guest
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Turiyan:
    If you've done your reasearch you'd find wing chun seems to be a health form that people made up combat applications for.

    I have a larger project on the subject i'm working on explaining my rational.

    I would be interested in your suggestion that Wing Chun seems to be related to some form of health exercises. Does this make Wing Chun Internal since it is designed for health [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] I owuld be itnerested in the sources of your information as nothing I have found, thus far, nor anything found by the ving Tsun Museum or others would seem to agree with you view. But then again all views may have merit. I would like to here more concerning your viewpoint.



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    origenx Guest
    Wing chun started out as a health exercize, not combat? Interesting theory - but I suppose centerline theory, pak sao's, etc. were all added later on? But, if you take away all the "combat stuff" as later add-ons, then what much else is there left to start with?

    southern chinese aren't chinese? huh?

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    WT Guest

    The WT chi-gung Siu Nim Tau is based on
    an old version of the form Leung Ting found
    in an old book,while doing research in

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    Sihing73 Guest

    Please do not take offense but I think the "version" was probably there all along. Keep in mind that Yip Man is reputed to have taken over an hour to perform the SNT. Also William Cheung has a different version which, unless I am mistaken, may even have some footwork built into it. I would love to check out the specific version you are referring to though. I remember when I did SNT for Leung Ting back in 89 he told me the way I was doing it was "advanced". Funny thing is it was pretty much the same way I was taught from the beginning. Slow and steady. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]



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    WT Guest

    Maybe this is the new and improved version
    then. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]
    I think it's showed on the "london seminars"
    video tapes.

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    Sihing73 Guest

    Thanks, perhaps I could arrange to see this one day. It is hard to make a valid comment without seeing somehing for oneself. Of course, such things happen all the time. I could be totally off base and this could be something completely different [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] have to see it to comment further. At least to make any worthwhile comments [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]



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    Steeeve Guest
    In kuntao silat De Thouars we have the petjut kilap(whiplash lighting fighting system)I see some similarities with the splashing hands Style(mcneil Tapes)... the djurus are the upper body motion and the langkas the lower body motion (footwork)

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    Sam Guest
    Splashing, Loose, or soft hands are the highest level in Fut Sao Wing Chun. It's introduced in the Bil Gee form and then reintroduced in the rest.

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    vingtsunstudent Guest
    sihing 73
    hello again
    we used to have a student who loved to lead the form & he would always make sure it lasted at least 45mins. to 1 hr also wong once was asked at a party to show what real vt looked like, he promptly did a first form that lasted for 3 hrs(needless to say by the time he had finished most had left the party)
    in our school a form must at least last 4 15 min. (otherwise it is of no real benifit) & be done at least twice otherwise the traing of elbow & centre will be of no consequence.
    i again would hate to upset anyone but if u train hard u will not only be hard u will be hard to beat & also u will develop a healthy body & mind, no chi no bull, if u believe in chi that is your right but is not it only another form or training anyway & if u are going to train the ma it may as well have some practical usages at the same time.

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    benny Guest
    chi isnt real? NO-O-O-O-O-O! COULD HAVE TOLD ME SOONER

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    vingtsunstudent Guest
    ps i forgot to add we do the form 4 half an hour without braking stance, 4 i'm sure the reasons to this would be odvious.
    thanx again & keep training hard.

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    vingtsunstudent Guest
    hey benny
    i didn't say chi wasn't real, as i have read far to many articles to dispute my beliefs as to its reality but i will say that,i believe, that there is no chi gung training in our branch of vt & if there is it is soley a by-product of hard training.
    it is to my understanding chi is related to breathing(or life breath) which should be taught correctly to all students anyway & yes i suppoase as the first form is meant to be practiced slowly one could assume that it is a form of moving chi gung, it's just that at the same time we are learning to fight.
    i know barry & bill might say otherwise but that's just my little way of adding a bit of a mystical side to things.
    if u don't agree u know i'm gonna get u at training.(lol lol)

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