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    Beautiful Boxer


    This was a really unusual movie. It's about a famous transvestite kickboxer. He was like awesome. From what I've read, pretty much every adolescent male in thailand can kickbox a bit and he was like one of the best for a while anyway. it was really good. He's played by like 6 different guys from difffernt stages of his life. The tagline says it all "he fought like a man, so he could become a woman"
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    I haven't checked out the movie yet, bue the link was posted a while back - I can't recall if I posted it, or if gene did.
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    I heard the action was great (from the point of view of a female Thai Boxer too)

    Im no ****phobe but I would put that movie at the bottom of my list of MA movies to watch.
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    So how is the fight scenes? Any good? I've been meaning to see this for quite some time now
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