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Thread: is something wrong with this picture?

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    golden dragon Guest

    is something wrong with this picture?

    question: need advice from fellow students. whenever i go to class my sifu tells me to get down on the floor to work on grappling. there's just one problem: i study wing chun.

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    vingtsunstudent Guest
    sorry you didn't say whether or not you are a begginer to vt or not? if u are & wing chun is your prefference i would recommend finding a new school.hell find 1 anyway if he's telling u do that.

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    golden dragon Guest
    well i would leave the school but im 16 years old and can't afford to go to another school (my sifu doesn't charge me.)

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    Mojo Guest
    It sounds like your sifu is a butt muncher. Has he ever come on to you ?

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    Begging Mantis Guest
    So get down on the floor, most fights end there anyways. I want to study wing chun but I'm also planning to study brazillan jujutsu, so I'll be equally capable in almost any situation.

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    benny Guest
    the question is, is he using ving tsun on the ground or bjj.

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    Mojo Guest
    Look up the definition of Ephebophile.

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    humblewarrior Guest
    So, you're only 16 years old? Boy, no wonder you are so ignorant about the safety of body conditioning methods!

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    golden dragon Guest

    I thought you were leaving to study arts and crafts?

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    humblewarrior Guest
    hey buddy, i fought full contact before in which I sustained many injuries. So so much for this Bs that i am so afraid of getting hurt.

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    humblewarrior Guest
    Golden Dragon, read my final thread in the kung fu forum. It is meant especially for you.

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    humblewarrior Guest
    The only arts I intend to study are martial.

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    golden dragon Guest
    hmmm I think I might have a problem here.

    Just one more question, I know most KF trains in t-shirts type of uniform. But my sifu insists on thai boxer shorts and topless( we dont have any other female in the class).
    I always thought we dress as such because this is how full contact fighters dress.
    After hearing from some of you, I am a little bit worry.

    Benny. no there is no choke holds and stuff just basiclly holding me while she is on top of me.

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    vingtsunstudent Guest
    so you're just a wanker, is that it?

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    benny Guest
    you just said 'SHE', now let me get this straight you have a women teaching you for free and she is getting you on the ground with only pants on.
    sounds good to me i wouldnt leave!!
    see ya

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