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Thread: brazilian police brutality

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    brazilian police brutality

    post from ogrish by dr. ogrish:

    Brazilian police officials are notoriously-infamous for their lack of restraint and outright brutality. Below are three very good examples:

    With full knowledge a video camera was recording their actions, Rio de Janeiro police repeatedly beat a young, male suspect brought in for "questioning."

    Sao Paolo police practicing their "intimitating tactics" against a male civilian randomly stopped at a vehicle checkpoint operation.

    Another scene from the above checkpoint as police force a young man on the hood of his car and begin beating his hands, feet, and shoulders with a heavy slap to his face, for good measure. Then, the police allow him and a male companion to re-enter their vehicle and drive away after which, two officers fire "warning" shots at them.
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    That's disturbing and funny at the same time.

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    Ahhh... Brazilian police, ill equiped, ill trained and ill tempered.

    Man, the stories I have...

    Chances are the guys got a beating because they didn't have enough money to pay them off or that they said that what the "cops" were doing was wrong.

    Hitting the bottom of the feet is a prefered method along with striking the subject with a phone book to the top of the head (leaves no marks).

    This is what they get on the street, at the "delegacias" (police stations) it's far worse such as putting subjects in a "pau-de-arara"...

    Anyone watch "Bus 174" or "City of God"?

    There's a saying in Rio that goes "The only difference between a cop and a bandit is that one wears a uniform".
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