Robert Chu Wing Chun summer camp in San Diego - 6th and 7th of August 2005


Well we are close to two weeks out from this second great event in San Diego. As most of you know, I will be hosting Robert Chu for a Wing Chun summer camp in San Diego on the 6th and 7th of August 2005.

Sifu Robert Chu will be teaching for two days in San Diego on a range of advanced topics.

The curriculum will focus on the structure, tools and concepts that make Wing Chun an effective combat method. And while the seminar is open to everyone, there will be a definite focus on advanced methodology with an eye on mastery and understanding that goes far beyond the “basics” of Wing Chun.

If you are interested, these seminars are always awesome, contain the functional skills and conceptual methods Sifu Chu is known for. This seminar will be super informative and attendees tend to be on information overload by the last day so bring note paper and lots of good questions.

This seminar is truly worth the price of admission.

Wing Chun Body structure methods
Understanding the Forms
* Siu Nim Tao
* Chum Kiu
* Biu Jee
* Muk Yan Jong
* Six and a half point pole
Two man drills
* Empty hand drills
* Pole on Pole drills
* Training Tools
* Kicking Sets
Fighting Application Based on
* Kuen Kuit
* Chi Sao
* San Sao