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Thread: Five word song of Li Tung Fung- Hwa Yu Tai chi

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    Gwa Sow Chop Guest

    Five word song of Li Tung Fung- Hwa Yu Tai chi

    Has anyone ever heard of this theory? It belongs to Hua Yu tai chi
    If so, what is the pertinant history behind it.

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    eightgates Guest

    Five Character Song

    Hi Gwa Sow Chop,

    Hwa Yu Tai Chi was a name given to Liuhebafaqua (Six Harmony Eight Method Boxing) by the late Master George Li in Boston when he started to teach. According to my friend who was a student of his, Li was talking with his friend, Taiji Master T.T. Liang, about teaching Liuhebafaquan in America (I believe this was in the late 60's or early 70's). Master Liang said that Americans might accept the art more readily if he called it Hwa Yu Tai Chi since Taijiquan was better known. Hwa Yue are certain peaks of the Hwa Mountain where the art is said to have originated.

    After monk Chen Xi Yi created Liuhebafaquan, it nearly died out after his passing until many years later when Li Dongfeng (Li Tung Fung) found the glowing (Chen Xi Yi was considered a Daoist saint) remains of the monk along with detailed manuscripts that described the art. The story continues with his collaborating with some local Daoists who helped him understand the principles and piece the art together from their collective experiences. After he mastered Liuhebafaquan, Li Dongfeng left Mount Hwa and returned home to compile all that he had learned on Mount Hwa in 134 verses of 5 Chinese characters per verse. His manuscript became known as the "Wu Zi Yue" or "Five Character Secrets or Song" ('yue' means a secret oral transmission). It is the only known ancient treatise today on the original principles of Liuhebafaquan.

    According to tradition, a student was given one line at a time to study. This gave him time to reflect on it's meaning and implication. Since it is based on principles common to all internal styles, it may provide insights for anyone interested in exploring the internal arts. For more information about Liuhebafaquan and the only place I know that currently sells an English translation with commentaries of the "Five Character Secrets," check out <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>

    Best wishes, :)

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