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Thread: The Famous Wu style Tai Chi Vs. White Crane Fight

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    cha kuen Guest

    The Famous Wu style Tai Chi Vs. White Crane Fight

    Have you guys heard of this fight? It was between a white crane guy and the son of the founder of wu style tai chi. I have the tape of it, but I'm only offering it for trade.

    Email me at

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    brassmonkey Guest


    I've heard the fight had sloppy techniques and
    was uneventful except the Wu stylist bloodying
    the nose of his opponent and would love to see
    the tape but I have no tapes to trade. Also
    I heard it was tibetan crane and not fukien white
    crane. Perhaps you could give your analsysis of the fight?

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    GLW Guest

    Saw the film of it ---

    It was a poor excuse for two martial artists.

    From what I saw, it looked like Wu took the whole thing much more seriously than the younger man. While he did bloody the other man's nose, it did not appear to be any major blow.

    It also appeared that the fight was stopped before teh White Crane guy had a chance to retaliate.

    I do NOT mean that he couldn't...just that when the fight was stopped, it appeared that he had made up his mind to fight back seriously.

    From sources that did neither White Crane nor Wu's Taijiquan, I have gathered that the original match was supposed to be an exhibition and they were not supposed to go after each other seriously. The White Crane guy's attitude and apparent surprise when Wu hit him tended to suport this. The White Crane guy had a look of someone who had been sucker punched when he was expecting a tap. Perhaps this could have been surprise at the strength of the blow, but given his opponents reputation, I would doubt that he would ahve assumed that Wu was undeserving of concern.

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    stephenchan Guest

    Wu Gong-Yi vs White Crane guy fight

    I saw a film of it.

    Basically, the White Crane guy was a nobody, and Wu GongYi was the inheritor of Wu style. The white crane guy had nothing to lose, and Wu GongYi had his family reputation on the line.

    The fight looked pretty lame to me. Both guys seemed sloppy in executing and recovery, they couldn't setup their techniques properly, they couldn't cover up properly - basically it looked like neither one knew anything about free fighting. But I think that Wu GongYi must have had more power than the crane guy, since I think the crane guy spent a lot of time avoiding Wu.

    Lots of people associated with Taiji were really embarassed by how ineffectual Wu GongYi was against this relative nobody, and I think many people in the Wu Taiji world considered the whole thing very embarassing. I heard that Dong YingJie had some unkind words for Wu after the fight.

    By the way, I met a guy who saw the fight, and he apparently knew the White Crane guy - according to him, the white crane guy was more a western boxer than a white crane stylist.

    Stephen Chan

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    stma Guest
    The White Crane guy is Chan Hakfu. He did a couple of seminars in SF in the 70's.

    Joseph Crandall

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    In 1954 number one Wu style Tai Chi Chuang Master Wu Kung Yee (Wu Gong Yi), inheritor of Wu style, attended a charity event contest against Grand Master Ng Siu Cheong, who was recognised as the principal exponent of the Tibetan White Crane Style. Instead accepting, Master Ng nominated young Sifu Chan Hak Fu to fight in his place. At that time Sifu Chang was considerate a very good fighter, otherwise Master Wu didn’t accepted the challenge, because is well known in China that masters only fight with masters.
    The fight was declared a tie, Sifu Chan hit first and Master Wu sent him a backward around long arm with open hand down palm fist, hitting the nose of Sifu Chan.
    In Tibetan White Crane Style Sifu Chan Hak Fu was three degrees below Top Master Ng, so the tied contest can be interpreted as “Top mastering of Wu syle Tai Chi Chuang is as good as three level below Top mastering of Tibetan White Crane”.
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    There you go, no need for a play by play when it's available for all to see

    Wow, ooooooooooooooooold topic...

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    If you think that old Wu Gongyi wasn't very good, go look up his grandson Eddie Wu at and tell him! Better yet, go for a visit. That should settle it...

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    you got to be kidding

    Looks like two girls fighting except for the first punch.

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    Wait.. srsly? ._.

    I just found this but... i don't know why i expected more than that...
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    Your offering of a dead horse is acknowledged.

    Members will be along to beat it forthwith!
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    It was nice to see Lau Fat Mang in the first minute. Never saw that part before. His arm guard position is designed to catch. I never saw that posture with Eagle Claw before.

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    A fine example of classical martial arts usage; clearly the Wu stylist was the victor, displaying an impressive degree of both internal power as well as restraint!

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    "... Especially master wu's tai chi, It's motions are so smooth..."
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