Due to the good responses of my recent article "Sun Lutang's Martial Enlightenment " in Sep/Oct Kungfu Magazine, under the request of a few open-minded sifus that run schools in MA/NH, I will be doing a workshop in Sun Xingyi, focusing on breaking down the Piquan into 14 inner segments, and apply partner-testing & Fajin drill to every segment, if we have time, I'll introduce Sun Bagua as well.

The Date of the workshop will be 8/27 Sat from 2:30pm-5pm, the cost is $ 65. The group will be very small, less than 10, mostly all teachers of CMA or Kempo.

In the past 10 yrs, I have been extensively focusing on meditation and Buddhism, and less in MA. I am definitely not the best fighter compare to everyone else that will be supporting my workshop, but all friendly challenges, technique exchanges are all welcome to make more friends in the Internal circle.

Ping Zhen Cheng (Taijizen@aol.com)

My Article:
MartialArtsMart.com - Kungfu Magazine - 2005 September/October
By Ping Zhen Cheng and Dr. Jiusong Kan. Featured Weapon Double Phoenix Sword By Jonathan Oh (with Gene Ching). The Fighting Hands of Ngo Cho ...

Direction to the workshop: