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Thread: Xing Yi Quan?

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    Pakmei Guest

    Xing Yi Quan?

    Does anyone know of any trips to China, to learn Xing Yi Quan?

    I know there is a lot of Shaolin and Taiji trips, and more recently BaGuaZhang.

    Hope someone can help me out here.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Dave Stevens

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    flaku Guest

    Xingyi quan

    Hey Pakmei,

    If you are really interested in xingyi, and you are interested in gaining internal power and to fight well with it, I suggest to look for a Xingyi instructor/master in your area.

    You can't learn Xingyi in a few weeks on a trip.

    No traditional kungfu is taught on those trips anyway, even in china today, most Kungfu is wushu, and is for performance only.

    When they spar they use karate/ kickbox like techniques.

    if you can't find a teacher in the yellow pages, I suggest you ask around in chinatown.

    There must be some older people who practise xingyi, because it is great for figting, but also for maintaining good health.

    If your lucky, you find someone willing tot teach you, and perhaps you are the only student, or he's got small class.( xingyi isn't hyped as taijiquan and qigong, therefore is not as populare, but the quality of instruction is much higher).

    That's a perfect learning environment for some real kungfu.

    I'd give it a try



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    Pakmei Guest


    I used to practise XingYi under Sifu Wen lin Jun.

    Unfortunately, he got very expensive to train under. I think he realised the potential for commercialisation in the internal arts.

    Basically, I think Xing Yi Quan is much like Pak Mei Kung Fu. It is very low key/profile, and basically you have to know someone to be introduced to the Sifu!

    I can still remember the 5 fists, and Ba Shr Quan. That I learnt will practising. But I would love to learn the style in it's true essence.

    Thank you for your input.

    Dave Stevens

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