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Thread: back exercises for a pregnant mrs. buddha

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    i shall share these with the mrs. buddha ... as soon as she wakes up. pregnancy has ruined my already sleep-addicted wife.
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    Aminat Idrees redefines bad assery

    Eight months pregnant athlete clinches Taekwondo gold medal
    By Nimi Princewill, CNN

    Updated 6:21 AM ET, Thu April 8, 2021
    Nigerian taekwondo athlete, Aminat Idrees.
    (CNN)A visibly pregnant Nigerian athlete has clinched a gold medal at the ongoing National Sports Festival, securing gold in the multi-sport event, which happens every two years in the country.

    Aminat Idrees, 26, who is eight months pregnant, won in the Mixed Poomsae category in Taekwondo, organizers said Monday, describing her achievements as "inspiring."
    Idrees, who could be seen in a footage shared on Twitter demonstrating different combat techniques, also picked up other medals in a non-combat simulated category of Taekwondo known as Poomsae.
    Idrees told CNN Wednesday that she feels elated by her accomplishment at the event which took place in Edo State.

    Posted here: Tae-Kwon-Do

    Slightly OT here but it's our most relevant 'pregnant' thread: back-exercises-for-a-pregnant-mrs-buddha
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    Quote Originally Posted by mickey View Post
    So you've celebrated your love, huh?

    Try these two:

    Have your lady do pelvic thrusts: looks like a shoulder bridge or like she is the man getting it on with a female above her. She can do this move as a static pose in the flexed position. (I edited out the quick repitition method when I remembered the risk of miscarriage)

    Another is to have her kneel on the floor sitting on her feet. She rises up to on to her knees while lifting the head up arching it back, trying to look behind her. Very good for the back. She can help with the arch by placing her hands on her hips in the flexed position.

    While these two don't seem to offer the threat of trauma or miscarriage. check the two exercises with your doctor.

    Re: Miscarriages-- Stay away from aloe vera juice. It has had the reputation of causing violent contractions of the uterus, resulting in miscarriage. If this has been in your lady's diet before, eliminate it. STAT!!

    You may also want to check for yoga classes that cater to pregnant women.

    Not bad! Seems like it's quite effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKiller View Post
    **** you work fast, rubby!

    My wife did Tai Chi all the way up through 8.5 months.
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