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Thread: Bagwa training methods

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    Bagwa training methods

    I decided to list some Bagwa training methods that I find useful:

    1.iron forearm rings
    offers just enough resistance to develope "internal" tension (a good thing)
    2.striking sandbags
    not the iron palm type of training, but striking a sand-filled wallbag to develope penetrating power
    3.circling a post
    simply doing your circle walking around a post driven into the ground at about your same height (you can also mount sandbags on the post and practice your strikes as you walk)
    4.ankle weights
    to help develope rooting, leg strength and the trademark Bagwa quick stepping
    5.iron spheres
    hard to come by, but a traditional method of developing raw power (simple hold the spheres as you perform the palm changes)
    6.double-ended ball
    excellent for developing wrapping, coiling and striking energy (very tricky) on ice
    since Bagwa is a northern system, the masters of old had the additional benefit of training their footwork by doing their circle-walking and forms on the ice and in the snow (gotta try this one if at all possible)
    8.circling and striking a heavy-bag
    self-explanatory (very good for power)

    There are of course many other exercises and methods you can perform, but these are a few of my personal favorites. Again, try the ice walking. A month of that alone will work wonders for your stability.

    No theory here, just good training methods ;)


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    maoshan Guest

    Just great

    Very good.

    I thought i was the only one who practiced this method. Number 7, is just about the best of the methods of walking the circle walking i Know.
    I live upstate new york. right now the snow is
    near knee high. with plenty of trees.
    As Baguaboxer said:
    Watch the changes in a months time than try three.
    Again, That was cool man. Great method.

    Maoshan :D

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    count Guest

    These are good!

    I especially do number 5 alot if understand what you have written. I use shot puts which are very easy to come by. Or are these Iron spheres different?

    What is a double-ended ball (No.6)?

    Number seven sounds excellent. Almost makes me want to move back to Chicago. The ice is kind of hard to come by here in sunny southern cal.
    :D Ä

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    count Guest

    Still interested

    What is a double-ended ball (No.6)?

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    dz Guest


    Double-ended balls (sorry) are, if I understand
    it correctly, the type of training equipment
    you can see some boxers do for an example.

    It's a inflatable leather (mostly) ball with
    a bit of rope in one end and a rubber cord
    in the other. Sometimes there're rubber cords
    in both ends. You tie one end to the ceiling
    and the other to the floor. When you hit the
    ball, it will bounce back very quickly. Very
    good for target practice and timing training.


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    count Guest

    Thanks wai

    If you are correct than I understand. I think we used to call this a speed ball or something like that.

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