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Thread: pak mei qi gong book

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    pak mei qi gong book

    I heard about a Pak Mei Qi Gong book, and I searched for it quite a while. I found the cover:

    Could anyone, who knows where to get this book, please reply.

    Thanks ahead


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    Yes, i have it!

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    I have some copies of this one. Some say it is not about pak mei, they are just using the name. Got something to trade?

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    I have a rare Fujian White Crane Book from Hong Kong by a Sifu Ng Hong that i would trade for a copy and some other Fujian White Crane books .

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    I am interested in your trade offer. i don't have the Pak Mei book but do have alot of material, DVD's and books on White Crane. Can you post a picture of the Book you mention?

    Ron Goninan
    China Fuzhou Zhenlan Crane Boxing Australia
    White Crane Research Institute Inc
    A seeker of the way

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