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    Alright, so I'm watching The Legend of Drunken Master, and now it's my favorite movie. Now I understand that it's just a movie, and you don't really get drunk when performing it, so dont get started on that. This isn't a troll post, but a request for information.

    Now im seriously interested in Drunken Boxing, not practicing it, but just learning about it etc.I really havn't read or seen much information about it on these forums, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me about it. Also, are there any reliable sites for information about drunken kungfu?

    Does anyone still practice Drunken Kungfu forms, and if so, who are they? When did it first "appear" in China, and, is it known who developed it? Any information would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Do searches for "eight drunken immortals" or simply "eight immortals" or "eight immortals of taoism" or "eight taoist immortals". Or look for books in a library or book store.

    The story of the eight immortals and what each immortal represents in the system is really cool. I love drunken boxing, drunken staff, etc. I think the movements look great the way they flow and the way the body moves when practicing it. I haven't learned it yet, but I know I will start learning some things in at least 5 years (no reason to rush into it or skip anything, I shouldn't have to explain the importance of basics)

    This link is of a school in Ohio, they put up a pretty interesting explaination:

    And of course, wikipedia:

    I don't know how accurate these paged describe it, so i'd suggest reading a book.
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    Drunken kungfu is hard to explain to someone who doesn't practice kungfu. Here goes nothing. Basically this is a higher style of kungfu. Usually it exists in many kungfu styles at higher levels of training.
    What makes it higher level is the fact that it takes extraordinary levels of athletism to even learn the movements. It takes hard worked kungfu basics over years. You have to stay loose and relaxed through all the movements. This is harder then you might think. The movements are meant to develop you as a kungfu player. Many people say this is not a martial style. I pretty much agree. But it is meant to make the body limber and stronger. And to make your movements more fluid and relaxed. Those things indirectly help you to be a more formidable opponent.

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    I will learn it in my style eventually.

    Some things that I always figured you got out of it were the ability to strike while off balance and to disguise your movements.

    Then again, i've never trained it so I am only speaking of what i've observed.

    Troy Dunwood is a member here. I believe he teaches Eight Drunken Immortals. I don't know what his new username is though.

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    Sifu John Allan at Green Dragon Studios teaches a nice Eight Drunkem Immortals form. They consider it an advanced form. Get his catalog and order it or search ebay for Green Dragon Studios.

    He is not on the internet, you will find his ads in Kung Fu magazines

    He is not on DVD, only VHS,

    Everyone I have talked to gives his tapes high reviews.

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    I know some* kung fu

    Will, i wouln't go as far as to say i know nothing of kung fu. I do practice wing chun, although i am still in my first 2 months of training

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    You can see an example of it here:

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    this is stupid, drunken boxing is noting more then basic bio-chem.

    When Alchohol enters the body. it attack the nerve centre of the barin and makes the body more relaxed and feel no pain. you can notice this by going to a local bar. All the drunk people are happy to be your friend there, even if they had a bad day. boos also impairs your higher logic. so you will think less and react faster.

    Alto, Alchohol attacks the brain, it don't attack the memory cells. so you still have all the skills you have from training. Combining Alchohol with the knowledge of combat and you'll have a "Berserker". A guy that attack first and take names later.

    There you have it, drunken boxing in a nut shell. You want to master drunken boxing, just get your self drunk. Really Drunk.

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    need to know, then ask?
    A bottle of fuki plum wine will get you just about perfect. drunk but alert still.

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    Huntington, NY, USA website:
    many of the techniques in Joi Bot Sien are actually throws, and grappling techniques-predates BJJ. If you were to mimic doing a suplex,you would look like you are "lifting the wine pot". This is simply one application, also inclused are various sweeps, sacrifice throws, leg and neck scissors such as the triangle choke. You simply need to examine the forms.
    I cannot speak for Sifu Dunwood's Joi Bot Sien, as I don't know it. I am only speaking from the limited experiences that I have been exposed to.

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