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Thread: Bagua in ufc

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    Jin Guest

    Bagua in ufc

    hi there

    Do you people sometime wonder why there is no Bagua or other internal fighter in UFC? What is your opinion on this?
    Take care

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    Mojo Guest
    There was a paqua guy in one of the UFC's. He got knocked out in about 2 seconds.
    What was funny about that is that he had been saying that the UFC wouldn't let him compete because his paqua was 'too deadly'. LOL !!!

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    Braden Guest
    There are internal stylists competing quite successfully in full contact tournaments.

    The problem is alot of people think that UFC is the only, or perhaps the most important, full contact event. It's not.

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    razakdigital Guest

    Braden - what tournaments?


    I'm interested in knowing what tournaments that have internalist. Are these hsing-i, pa kua, mantis fighters?

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    Braden Guest
    Razak - for example, check out Mike Patterson's site at

    His fighters (mostly xingyi, but some with bagua and taiji as well) have fared well against a wide variety of opponents. He's got some of the official stats up on his page.

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    billy_pilgrim Guest
    I saw the Bagua guy in the UFC referenced above...I don't do Bagua, so I will refrain from commenting on his skill, but will say that he weighed in at about 400 lbs (no kidding).
    I find it hard to believe that someone so large and out of shape could be very adept at an art which places a great deal of emphasis on deft footwork...I could be wrong...

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    Jin Guest


    Hi there
    thank you for poitive response.lolz..i was pretty scared that one of you people might get offended or something:P anyway i doubt if Mister Mike
    Patterson's fighters ever competed against grapplers/wresters. Ermmm have you people ever seen internal guys in no weight division tournament?
    take care :rolleyes:

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    Kempo Guy Guest
    You may want to speak with Tim Cartmell of the Shen Wu academy. He is a Neijia adept as well as a BJJ practitioner. As far as I know he has successfully competed in BJJ type tournaments using many techniques from Ba Gua etc.
    You can check out his website at


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    count Guest


    I'm not a big fan of UFC or WWF sanctioned events but bagua guys fight in tournaments. I'm wondering about the direction of your questions. When you say you doubt Mike Pattersons guys ever compete against wrestlers and grapplers I wonder if you even know what bagua is? Says in your profile you have been learning bagua for three years now. Have you ever learned any applications from your bagua teacher? Have you ever sparred in your class? My feeling about your original question is that you will probably never see any "real" bagua in UFC tournaments.

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    Jin Guest

    Dear count

    heh heh...nope i did not learn any applications from my teacher! lolz since i'm now concentrating on internal energy development(oh ..and school works too!). I do only some single movement drills, walking the circle, shaking the pole, and standing meditations. i'm sorry if i lead you to the wrong way. i admit that sometime i doubt of internal style since i've never seen any internal stylists fight for real( well except chan hak fu and wu gong yee..lolz!). anyway is it true that BJJ is more internal and more sophisticated than Hsing-i ground fighting skill? (from Tim Cartmel himself..folks)
    Take care


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    Jin Guest


    Dear count
    yes i do some sparrings before but not in bagua
    class tho since i'm the only student of my teacher..lolz...i used to sparred a lot in Bangkok but did not go to the ground or anything like that.
    take care :rolleyes:

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    count Guest


    Pretty much what I figured. Yes, it is true and often overlooked that wrestling including BJJ is an internal art. But look to your own art and you will find the answers you seek. The greatest bagua men were wrestlers. I would recommend a teacher that teaches applications as well as basic exercises. You can't learn to fight with bagua unless you fight with bagua but you might be surprised what you already know.

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    Jin Guest
    i watched the tape last fat bub lasted 4 like ten secs...poor daddi :(

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    Stranger Guest
    He got dropped by a jab. :(

    "The Tao is an uncarved block of wood in which all shapes are possible."

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    razakdigital Guest

    this post

    I must say that I wanted to do a post like this but I know when I speak I bring controversy... ;)

    I wonder why we dont see pa kua chang fighters? Is it because we are limited in these events or could it be that we have the skills to fight in these tournaments?

    What is the right question and answer?

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