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Thread: I love to eat. (gut removal?)

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    I love to eat. (gut removal?)

    First off. I love to eat. All kinds of food and lots of it non-stop. I'm 5"11 and around 167 lbs so I'm not obese or anything. But I really want to get rid of my gut. No 6 pack or anything. I just want to get rid of my gut and have a flat stomach.

    What do you guys eat? I heard mostly that abs/ fat reduction is mostly from what you eat. What can I eat for maximum fat loss? Does anyone follow a plan that they have seen pretty good results? thanks

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    A good one

    Try Tuna, geen beans and a little rice with a hot sauce. or chicken breat to replace tuna or alternate green beans with spinach.
    the point is with these types of low calorie filler foods you can eat till you cant move and you will still only get a limited amount of calories.

    dont let the diet freaks fool you it is calories!!!! that count eat less than you burn loss belly

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    you have to have everything premade in the morning so that you can snack on it all day (prevents binge) binge is what breaks me if i dont prepare food first all at once then later i never take the time to eat right. but if i do prepare i have alot less belly

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    you're kidding right?

    5'11'' and 167 puts you about 13-18 pounds underweight depending on frame size/bone structure. what does the rest of you look like?

    It's a combination of calories, the source of the calories and when/how you eat ratioed w/ expenditure of calories.
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    Also........get RID of the sugar. It makes you binge, it bloats you, and it kills you sweetly.

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    A nice habit, if you can get into it, is to take a 30-40 min walk each morning on an empty stomach (though be sure to have a glass of water before hand or take some round with you). Needs to be fast enough to get your heart going but not so much that you look like one of those strange 'power-walkers'.

    This will speed up your metabolism for the rest of the day and help you burn off the calories you do take in more quickly.

    I lost 35lbs in 6-8 weeks by practicing this (and some cardio two or three times a week), whilst sticking to these dietary rules:

    - No Refined Sugar.
    - No Caffeine (that was hard).
    - No Nicotene (that was even harder).
    - No Alcohol.
    - No Red Meat.
    - Replace white carbs (bread, pasta, rice) with their wholemeal alternatives.
    - Eat more, smaller meals with a maximum of 3 hours between meals.

    I too love to eat, but I didn't find this that difficult. You can eat as regularly as you do now, its just a case of adapting what you're eating.

    Hope this helps

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    So some kind of exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. I should eat right after this probably. What should Meal 1 consist of? Would a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal 2 eggs whites and a piece of fruit? What are some other combinations of foods I can have for the remaining 6 meals? I think I'm just going to completely cut out milk and cheese and mainly just eat 1 cup of lowfat yogurt a day and that can be my only diary intake. I've also decided to replace most of my drinks with just water or green tea (no sugar added). Should I mainly stick with chicken breasts and canned white tuna for meat? Only 100% whole wheat bread. Veggies - this is the area I need help with.

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    At the time I was very much stuck it habitual eating, so my meals didn't differ too much from this every day:

    6:30am - 7:30am : Walk
    9:00am : Beans on Toast (Wholemeal)
    12:00pm : Bran Flakes (Skimmed Milk)
    3:00pm : Vegetable Soup (Sometimes with a slice of bread)
    6:00pm : Either; Cod and Spaghetti (wholemeal with sauce) OR Chicken, New Potatoes and 2 Veg.
    9:00pm : Bran Flakes (Skimmed Milk)

    At the time I could not stand to eat fruit, but thanks to a blender and some creative servings suggestions I've managed to get them in.

    IF you can afford a blender, or have one already, they can be EXTREMELY helpful. If you're not stuck on veges maybe trying boiling some potatoes and a few other veges in some chicken stock, add some chopped turkey or chicken and blend away. You're left with a thick (depending on how much water you use) and very healthy soup that tastes of whichever meat you chose to put in.

    Also good for banana smoothies; a potasium-protein god-send for post-training.

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