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Thread: Semen retention techniques

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    AsianSifu Guest

    Semen retention techniques

    Its supposed to increase chi flow and lead to spiritual enlightenment. How do you do it?

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    Fish of Fury Guest

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    count Guest

    Fish of death

    I love your wit.

    Asiansifu, I will tell you again, Quit Masterbating you troll.ΓΌ

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    Julian Dale Guest

    Retention techniques

    One dangerouse techniques that has been practiced over the years is to at the piont of ejactulation to squeeze the base of the ***** just the juncture where the main body of the ***** connects into the the pelvic cavity.

    While this does promote retention of Jing and seminal chi, it can also causes long term damage to the fine capillaries that carry blood to the spongy tissue inside the *****, end result you can't get it up and are at that point impotent.

    there are other methods of retaining Jing, please take your time to investigate the practices and theories first fully and ensure you have good isntruction.

    Good luck I think

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    origenx Guest

    wong ying - could you elaborate? I've heard many of these techniques, basically apparently diverting the jing up your spine, but i guess I'd really have to talk to someone who can actually do it to believe it. Can you?

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    Sam Wiley Guest
    Control is the key.

    You have to learn to use a bit of control. You have to back off before ejaculation and simply not ejaculate. You have to learn where your point of no return is and not reach it.

    Now, if that sounds like cheating yourself, try this the next time you and your girl are together. See how many times you can do so in a row. The more times you do it, the more powerful your orgasm will be when you finally let it happen.

    I have read of two different types of orgasms, physical (the normal one) and emotional. I have reached emotional orgasm, followed shortly by physical orgasm a few times using a process similar to the one above during sex. Stimulation of all five senses helps. You need to be stimulated through more than just sexual organs.

    I have no words to describe the feeling.

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    Scarletmantis Guest

    Semen retention possible during Orgasm

    I have personally been using the following method for years without ill effect: Just before the point of orgasm, dig your fingers into the perineum (the space between the anus and the scrotum). You must use a firm pressure. This will effectivly pinch off the ejaculatory duct until you have released the pressure. The unspent semen and sperm will be stored in the seminal vesicle, where your body will reabsorb the nutrients and Chi/Jin that you would have otherwise ejaculated out.

    This method is the prefered method mentioned in the "Yellow Emperor's Classic". The Yellow Emperor has asked the Taoist Shamsn, Tzu-tu, how a man should retain his semen. Tzu-tu replies, "If you wish to avoid emitting (even once), press with the left and right hands hard below the perineum, and the Jin will be returned, and the jade fluid will be restored...Before ten days have passed, you will be as strong as iron and as hot as fire, and in every battle you will be indefatigable."

    There are other methods, but having experimented with the more popular of these, I feel that this one works the best, it is the oldest (the Yellow Emperor's Classic is the oldest medical treatise known to man) and therefore the most thouroughly tested, and it ALWAYS works. Many methods that emphasis visualization and meditation, only work as long as you are not willing to experience an orgasm.

    This method has the advantage of allowing you to control your ejaculation, while allowing you to have a full sexual experience. The fact is, love making is not an exercise, it is a natural way for us to express love between two people.

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    AsianSifu Guest

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    origenx Guest
    scarletmantis - but according to wong ying that could cause long-term damage (which could explain why you have had no ill effects YET).

    samwiley - but that would only delay the actual physical ej*cul*tion. This "emotional" org*sm they talk about - is that really supposed to substitute for a "real" physical one?

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    Scarletmantis Guest

    Origenx, could you elaborate?

    Alright, I COULD attempt to defend my position further, but I'm actually interested in learning something more on this topic. Please elaborate on your allegations, or at least, allow Wong Ying to express his reservations for himself via quotes.

    Considering the wide response to similar questions posted in the past, I must say I expected more information would have been brought to light by now.

    "The essence of life is struggle and it's goal is domination. There are higher goals and deeper meanings, but they exist only within the minds of men. The reality of life is war."

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