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Thread: "Hsing-I Kung Fu Volume II: Combat" by Tim Tackett

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    "Hsing-I Kung Fu Volume II: Combat" by Tim Tackett

    Is anybody else familiar with it or Volume I (which is out of print)? He lists as his teachers Chen Mei Shou and Yuan Tao. Does anybody here use "heavy arm" and/or "arm boxing" and/or "flat walk breathing exercises" in their training? If so, could you explain it a little?

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    im interested in all information about this books too.. names of exercises, forms,, background information etc etc...

    thanks you

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    I've got both of his hsing-i books. I haven't read them in a while so I'll check them out tonight and tell you what I think tomorrow.
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    Hey, has anyone noticed that the original Robert Smith Hsing I book is back in print?

    Does anyone already have a copy? And if so, how does it compare to the Robert Smith/Allen Pittman version?

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    Hsing-I: Chinese Mind-Body Boxing

    Hi, I think the original contains a lot of special information. For one it has pictures of some very respected practitioners, primarily Yuan Tao (who supposedly taught Tim Tackett by the way).

    It also features Wang Shu Jin, a son of Chen Pan Ling, and Paul Kuo, although only briefly. The best part is that it has translations in the back of quotes from great masters of the past, supposedly taken from Sun Lu Tang's book. The quotations are great, lots of food for thought. Short but sweet.

    The new one with Allen Pittman has less diverse materials and primarily catalogs the Chan Pan Ling form of Xingyi, which it does quite well.

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    my sifu, li tailiang, is working on a new book now.
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    What's the low-down on li tailiang and how long have you trained with him?

    From the little I could find, the consensus seems to be that he's good, but unfortunately, the details on the web are sparse.


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    Btw Rockwood, thanks for the info.

    Sounds like one for the collection.

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