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Thread: New Spirit Fist Videos

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    Angry Well...

    As you may have seen from the clips (waste of bandwidth for me since I have seen enough in person) they do some lame ass kickboxing. It's nothing like the techniques taught and that goes for 10 year vets at that "school" too. Oh well... guess I'll shut up now since I can't find anything good to say about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dainos
    my school does except for mouth pieces but thats just common sense

    and now minors are required to wear headgear when they spar. thats my fault though
    I actually recommend everyone wears gear, cause you cn hit harder, and less risk of injury.

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    g0pher.. honestily if this was a few months back i would b glad to challenge your lil' mcdojo.. however my schedule is packed, from being a full time student//worker and going to kung-fu and attending clubs.. i don't even have time to hang out with my friends.. that's why it took me a week to get back to you; however i'm always in the ny flushing school every monday and wednesday 7:30-12 am , you can check it out.. and if you got the balls, "kaHOnes" challenge our instructor or me, i guarentee you it's no mcdojo.. you know what? anybody on this forum who got time go and check out the classes on monday and wednesdays nights from 7:30-12am and then eloberate.. because i would like to hear some thoughts.

    P.S. If you ask my instructor about a form he'll show you the whole form not like a lot of places. And by the way on the wutang video if you haven't noticed he grabbed one guy and used him as a shield against his buddy; regardless of concepts your 2on1 no gear sparring always have people standing there doing nothing(hesisitating), is that going to happen in a real sitution? Before we even start the 2on1 sparrings we do moving exercises; as in the 2 try to grab//grapple you and throw you to the ground, and you clear and try to get one guy behind another so it's harder for them to both attack you.
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    Lightbulb I know...

    I did say I wouldn't bad mouth it anymore however here is one important factor one should not attend the school or take it seriously for that matter. It is heavily watered down and only has roughly 10% of what a university club for this art in Cornell university teaches as seen at I have listed Cornell's curriculum below. I was at Phan's for awhile so I know what Phan is teaching and even what some of his highest level students are being taught. Phan offers a handful or so of forms and about a dozen or 2 drills and about 1/2 that in 2 man drills. As a student progressed they were taught what was called "spirit forms". Well I'll stop rambling. The Cornell University club's curriculum is below. You can go to to get an idea of the curriculum here in Philly.

    武神禪道 – 柒山武道
    Vơ Thần Thiền Đạo - Thất Sơn Vơ Đạo
    Seven Mountains Spiritual Martial Arts


    1. Căn Bản Công - Fundamentals Training
    2. Nhập Môn Quyền - Initiation Sets

    1. Thiếu Lâm Quyền – Jungle Fighting

    2. Liên Hoàn Thập Cước – Continuous Kicking

    3. Ngũ Hành Công – Five Vajra Elements


    3. Quyền Pháp Cổ Truyền - Traditional Sets

    Fighting Sets

    1. Thối Sơn Quyền – Mountain Fighting

    2. Thất Thập Nhị Chẩu Công – Seventy Two Elbows

    3. Cửu Trảm Liên Hoàn – Continuous Chopping

    4. Cầm Nă Thủ Quyền – Grappling Hands

    Animal Style Sets

    5. Hắc Hổ Quyền – Black Tiger

    6. Bạch Hổ Quyền – White Tigress

    7. Xà Quyền – Snake

    8. Hầu Quyền – Monkey

    9. Hạc Quyền – Crane

    10. Tiêu Diêu Quyên – Preying Mantis

    Sets Inspired By Divine Beings

    11. Thiên Long Quyền – Celestial Dragon

    12. Phụng Hoàng Quyên – Phoenix

    13. Linh Miêu Tróc Thử Quyền – Spirit Mouse Chases the Mouse

    14. Lộ Tử Quyền – Eighteen Gates of Death

    15. Thập Bát La Hán Quyền – Eighteen Arhats

    16. Phật Thủ Quyền – Budha Palm

    17. Thất Tinh Đản Quyền – Seven Shooting Stars

    18. Liễu Quyền – Willow

    19. Song Chỉ Cầm Long Quyền – Two Hands Seize the Dragon

    20. Nhất Thủ Nghịch Thiên Quyền – One Hand Disturbing Heaven

    21. Hàn Âm Ma Quyền – Yin Ice Demon

    22. Thiên Địa Tiên Quyền – Immortal of Heaven and Earth

    23. Ngũ Thiên Linh Quyên – Five Celestial Spirits

    24. Địa Vân Quyền – Earth Cloud

    25. Thần Đồng Phá Thiên Môn Quyền – Spirit Child Destroys Heaven’s Gate

    26. Hồng Ma Công – Red Ghost

    27. Kim Cương Thần Công – Vajrapani

    27. Bát Quái Quyền – Eight Trigrams Palms

    28. Bát Quái Ảo Ảnh Quyền – Eight Trigrams Illusion

    Internal Cultivation Sets

    29. Độc Trụ Sanh Huê Quyền – Renewing Root

    30. Phật Gia Thái Cực Quyền – Buddhist Tai Chi

    31. Liên Hoan Công – Lotus Blossom

    32. Thiên Tiên Công – Celestial Immortal

    33. Ngũ Dương Công – Five Yangs

    34. Thiền Minh Công – Thien Illumination


    4. Ngũ Hành Thất Tinh Công - Five Elements and Seven Stars Training
    1. Kim: Thiết Chùy Quyền - Metal: Iron Hammer Fists
    2. Hoả: Pháo Tiễn Quyền - Fire: Canon Arrow Fists
    3. Mộc: Tùng Liễu Quyền - Wood: Pine Willow Form
    4. Thuỷ: Âm Dương Quyền - Water: Yin Yang Form
    5. Thổ: Càn Khôn Quyền - Earth: Heaven and Earth
    6. Ngũ Môn Quyền - Five Gates
    7. Thất Tinh Đàn Quyền - Seven Shooting Stars
    5. Thất Linh Công - Seven Spirits Training
    1. Hổ - Tiger
    2. Hạc - Crane
    3. Xà - Snake
    4. Ứng - Eagle
    5. Hầu - Monkey
    6. Long - Dragon
    7. Phượng - Phoenix
    6. Seven Mountains Spiritual-Internal Sets
    1. Tiểu Khôi Tinh Quyền - Little Chief Star
    2. Đại Khôi Tinh Quyền - Greater Chief Star
    3. Huỳnh Vũ Quyền - Black Tortoise
    4. Đại Bằng Quyền - Great Roc (Vermillion Phoenix)
    5. Tứ Phương Bát Quái Chưởng - Four Directions Trigram Palm
    6. Huỳnh Môn Quyền - Opening the Mystic Gate
    7. Triều Nguyên Công - Verge of the Origin
    7. Thuy Phong Vô Ảnh Công - Chasing the Wind Yet Leaving No Trace
    1. Ảo Ảnh Quyền - Illusion
    2. U Linh Quyền - Invisible Spirit
    3. Thiên Phong Địa Vân Quyền - Breath of Heaven and Earth
    4. Truy Phong Quyền - Chasing the Wind
    5. Th́n Điệt Thiên Môn Quyền- Morning Star Topples Heaven’s Gate
    6. Tiêu Dao Thất Sơn Quyền - Journey Through The Seven Mountains
    7. Toái Không Quyền - Shattering the Sky
    We're not gods. Not only are our powers limited, we are sometimes forced to become the devil himself.

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    I've watched all the sample on the site and I have to say that this spirit guy is doing the same thing in every video sample. At best you can call this a kenpo style because none of the movements are indigenous to traditional kung fu movement.

    Even his Kwan Dao (long handled broad sword) had no rime or reason to it and the form resemled the same ramblings of the other hand forms.

    As far as the fighting it was ok if you count slap fighting. Not realy efective or realistic. And check out that perfect Tae Kwon Do side kick he does, I have seen these people at competitions and some of the students look decent but when you look at the forms you can't help but feel badly that they are working so hard learning a badly choreagraphed made up eclectik style.

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    we spar with gear and also without gear. When we spar without gear, it is without head shots, but hard contact to the body and legs-mothpiece and cup only.But I also did some Kyokushinkai as a teen. We also train with full gear, so we can throw the head shots and just go at it. We still get our bells rung, but we keep our teeth.
    as far as spirit mountain? I have seen them in competition. I am always puzzled.
    Interesting, to say the least.

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    We usually spar without gear in a typical class. Medium contact to the body and legs. We sweep and throw. We try to pull contact to the head, but accidents do happen.

    We will have advanced classes etc from time to time where we put on gear, etc. Also, if I'm training for a tournament, etc., we will put on gear so we can amp up the intensity.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oso View Post
    AND, yea, a good bit of it is about whether you can fight with what you know...kinda all of it is about that.

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