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Thread: OT: Best Recreational Activities?

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    OT: Best Recreational Activities?

    What are the best recreational activities for when you're totally burnt out, but can't take a vacation?

    Like if you have an evening, what is a really good thing to get you totally away from everything, like for a few hours?

    (And not the usual dinner/date/movie ... boring).

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    I can't imagine there's a universal "best". It depends on what you enjoy and what's available to you. Some of my favorite choices -

    1) Reading. A good book, especially one I've already read several times, can be very relaxing. So can inane message boards. Hell, that's what I've been doing today.

    2) Driving. This has, frankly, gotten to be excessively expensive, but a long drive with some good music has always helped me clear my head.

    3) Private workout. I frankly should be doing more of these. Whatever you have space for in your home - calisthenics, forms, weights, whatever. Physical exertion is a great way to relieve emotional stress.

    4) Related to 3), a little "private workout" with the Mrs. Or your nearest equivalent.

    5) Writing. Doesn't have to be anything epic, or even technically decent. Work on something creative - poetry or prose - if you've got the talent and the drive, or devote some thoughts to paper (or screen). I do this all the time, mostly transcribing notes from practice (I don't have the talent or the drive for creative stuff most of the time), and it's a great way to think without dwelling on things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeCasebolt
    I can't imagine there's a universal "best". It depends on what you enjoy and what's available to you. Some of my favorite choices -
    I guess what I meant was something a little more extreme. So far from people at work I have base jumping (sounds too dangerous), bungee jumping (okay, but doesn't last for a few hours, unless you keep doing it over and over), and paintball wars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeCasebolt
    4) Related to 3), a little "private workout" with the Mrs. Or your nearest equivalent.
    Yeah, too bad I can't hire about 3 young things to play with for the evening, but unfortunately that's immoral and illegal in most states.

    Edit ... not to mention the STD thing. Oh, well.
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    i really enjoy bouldering.

    find a nice river thats somewhat easy to get to, with large boulders strewn down its length.

    you can climb, jump, swim, run, meditate, practice a little kung fu. its a great escape, and relatively easy to do. just make sure your not clumsy or you will need a friend in case you get hurt. or a cell phone
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    I stare at the ceiling

    maybe I'll go out and get the ps3, hopefully soon. But for rfight now deus ex and hitman contracts ae a nice way to stay out of reality


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    For me, there is a huge list that I would rather do and be away from the work.

    Not that I dun like my work.

    1. A stroll on the sand shore of Laguna beach only 10 min drive from my house.

    The sea breeze, the icy cold water on my feet, being part of the nature--

    2. a swim on the nearby pool.

    3. take a dip in the hot Jaccuzi.

    just relax the body and the mind.


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    smoke a blunt
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    innertubing down a sweet river. a cooler full of beer and sammiches and a few buds to share makes it all better.
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    My ideas about the getaway;

    a cruise.

    a railroad ride across the continent.


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