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Thread: Have you ever carried an illegal knife in public?

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    DrunkenMonkey Guest

    Have you ever carried an illegal knife in public?

    Just curious, have you ever carried a knife or blade that broke your state/city's knife laws? (i.e. length, weight, form of ejection, serration etc.)

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    Ozihn Guest


    when I went down to mexico with my church youth group, i bought a fatty knife and "smuggled" it across the border....then it rusted and broke after like 5 days :(

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    Watchman Guest


    Guns too.

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    fiercest tiger Guest



    come & visit us!

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    Watchman Guest

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    scotty1 Guest

    Fiercest Tiger -

    I like your style mate!! :D

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    Ish Guest
    I used to when i was yunger but i got busted and my knife got taken off me

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    fiercest tiger Guest

    scotty & watchman

    im calling him a moron because he had a go at me on the ralek fight thread. i was joking about a video game!

    the guy is a f@ck knuckle...whats your style? hahaha later guys :D

    come & visit us!

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    Watchman Guest

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    Kristoffer Guest
    what kind of knifes r illegal in USA? Here, all knifes are illegal if ya dont use them for work etc..

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    DrunkenMonkey Guest
    my state's knife laws:

    anything under 3 1/2 inch blade

    Any "dangerous" blades not allowed. These classify as blades that open by centrifugal force etc. etc.

    derks, daggers, spikes, butterfly knives not alowed fixed-blade knives are not allowed.

    Technically, the one i have right now (a crkt denali) is not illegal, but I am able to open it with gravity (thumb stub. one flick and it slides open in 1/10th of a second), so its illegal.

    "****ed be the day that befalls us in a most hostile manner that shall compromise our Country, and ****ed be the great lengths at which are required of to stir our Patriotism." - Anonymous

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    Of course not. That would be illegal. ;)


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    Jaguar Wong Guest
    For the life of me, I can't find out what Nevada's full knife/weapon regulations are (we're full of cowboys and outlaws y'know). I know we can't carry switchblades, balisong, stilettos (the shoes are legal, though...I see 'em on the strip all the time ;)), and obviously contraband knives (like that knive with the spike knuckles in the movie Cobra). But there are no regluations about blade length, folders, fixed blade, etc. I've asked a couple of people in law enforcement, but they don't seem to know off hand.

    On a side note, one day just off the strip in the not so nice part of town, we were shopping at Odessy (sp?) Records (they're open 24/7) at around midnight, and we saw some guy walking down the street straight out of a clint eastwood movie. He had the hat, boots, and trenchcoat, slung open on his right to expose his "hand cannon" holstered on his hip. We just sat there staring as he walked tall down the street. It was kind of funny to see the people giving him a WIDE berth.

    Jaguar Wong

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    WongFeHung Guest
    I have a benchmade "Black handled knife" which is the first run of the production automatic designeed for the seals-no markings, which I carry. Sometimes I carry an automatic "Bucknife", which I picked up in Florida, both these I carry on a belt sheath. My Bowen belt buckle knife is always there,(I know one day, I'll have to use it, and when I draw it, my pants will fall down!_listen to yer Mom's advice-always wear clean underwear)My other knives, while not automatics, are still over 31/2" but I carry what I carry. Although good quality knives are expensive, you must view them all as throwaways.

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    nightair Guest
    I carry my katana all the time whemn I walk to my freinds house to train. And when I was younger I used to carry a set of throwing knives with me at all times. :D


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