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Thread: Shaolin Monks in Canada

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    wuwei Guest

    Shaolin monks in Canada

    Has anyone heard of Shaolin monks residing in Canada?

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    Kung Lek Guest
    where? where? Not in my neighborhood right?
    If I catch them in my garden look out! ;D

    Kung Lek

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    chi-kwai Guest

    so weird...

    but i had a dream about that last night. I dreamt about a group of secretive buddhist monks in a giant hiding in the mountains somewhere in canada. then i dreamt about driving a sports car through those same mountains and the dream digressed... :)

    chi kwai

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    wuwei Guest

    weird indeed

    I see that a serious answer rarely gets a serius reply.
    Just wondering if anyone in Canada trains under a Shaolin monk.Heard of monks in the US but none up north.

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    wuwei Guest

    Shaolin Kung fu schools

    Anyone know of a good Shaolin school in Canada?

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    shaolin in vancouver, canada

    ummmm...any info or opinion on this monk? ...
    -is he real? authentic? any good?


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    he's real and authentic, and his stuff looks good. i especially like his kwan dao and chen forms. there are a lot of videos up on the site to see their skill. here i see his students doing popular shaolin forms like tong bei quan and yin shou gun (staff) among other things.

    are you in that area? if so you should check it out.

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    Talking Shaolin Monks in Canada

    Anyone here train or know of any Shaolin monks in Canada ?

    Has anyone seen this?

    Does anyone know of this Master or any others?


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    thats my master(shi yan feng) uncle i believe....
    if i rem correctly
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    Shaolin Zenwu Cultural Centre goes JADE

    Hold the phone...Canada gets a jade temple and we get a converted auto shop? (RE: The Temple and the Auto Shop By Gene Ching (with Joan Chien and Chi Chien) JAN+FEB 2009)

    Electra Stone (TSX-V: ELT) Electra Selected to Supply BC Jade for Shaolin Temple Construction

    Accesswire Accesswire January 23, 2017

    VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / January 23, 2017 / Electra Stone Ltd. (ELT.V) (44E1.F) ("Electra" or "the Company") is pleased to announce that it has entered into an arrangement with the Shaolin Zenwu Cultural Centre ("Shaolin"), whereby Electra has been selected as a primary supplier of BC nephrite jade for the construction of a new Shaolin temple in the lower mainland. Construction of the Shaolin temple is expected to begin in the second half of 2017.

    "Electra is honored to be chosen as a premier supplier of BC Jade to the Shaolin group. The Shaolin brand is one of the most recognizable in the world and we are very excited to be working with them as we showcase the beauty and versatility of BC Jade to the world," commented John Costigan, President & CEO of Electra.

    Under the terms of this arrangement, Electra will supply all jade within the quality, quantity, and dimensions requested at competitive market prices to the Shaolin. A 3000 kg block of BC nephrite jade has been donated by Vancouver Jade Mining Inc. as a show of good fortune and friendship to the Shaolin. For more information on the Shaolin Zenwu Cultural Centre, please visit

    About Electra Stone

    Electra Stone Ltd. is building a vertically integrated public Nephrite Jade mining, manufacturing, and marketing company. Electra is focused on the development of Architectural and Dimensional jade products, along with international market growth and trade of Nephrite Jade from British Columbia into Asian markets, with a specific focus on China.

    For further information and sales enquires on Electra Stone Ltd., please visit

    Or contact: Tyler Lowes at or call 604-620-8589.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors,

    "John Costigan"

    President and Director.

    Forward-Looking Statement

    This document contains forward-looking statements. Forward-looking information is provided as of the date hereof and is based on current expectations, including, but not limited to timing of mineral resource estimates, future exploration or project development programs, and the impact on the Company of these events. We assume no responsibility to update, or revise them to reflect new events or circumstances, except as required by law. For a detailed list of risks and uncertainties as it relates to Electra Stone Ltd., please refer to the Company's 2015 financial statements filed with SEDAR.

    Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release.

    SOURCE: Electra Stone Ltd.

    Shaolin Zenwu Cultural Centre
    Gene Ching
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    ttt 4 2019!

    This is really just a promo piece but it came up in my newsfeed.

    World-famous Shaolin Temple offers free kung fu classes in Richmond (Video)
    Shaolin kung fu has 1,500 years of history
    Daisy Xiong / Richmond News
    JANUARY 7, 2019 07:00 PM

    Masters Hongdi Shi (left) and Hongyan Shi teach kung fu and Zen at the Shaolin centre in North Richmond. Daisy Xiong photo

    Have you ever dreamed of learning authentic kung fu from Asian kung fu masters living in the mountains? Now you can realize your dream right here in Richmond.

    Shaolin Temple, one of the most well-known and historical Zen Buddhist temples in China – especially famous for its kung fu – has opened a centre in North Richmond.

    The two masters, Yanhong Shi and Yandi Shi, were sent to Richmond from the kung fu monastery in Songshan Mountain in Henan, China, with the mission of providing Kungfu and meditation training to local residents.

    “We were invited by some local groups in Richmond to come and let more people know about our Shaolin culture and kung fu," said Yanhong, who has been trained at the temple for more than 10 years and now teaches Zen in the centre in Richmond.

    Another master, Yandi, is the kung fu teacher here in Richmond – he has practised kung fu in the Shaolin Temple in China since age six.

    Master Yandi Shi demonstrates kung fu at the Shaolin centre in Richmond:

    “The essence of the Shaolin spirit is the unification of Zen and kung fu,” said Yanhong.

    He explained that Zen is similar to meditation, through which people clear their mind to make their minds healthier, so they can “function and obtain wisdom that can benefit a person in all aspects in life.”

    Meanwhile, Shaolin kung fu, which has 1,500 years of history, includes martial arts, acupoint, pair exercises, the use of weapons and qigong – an exercise that involves controlled breathing, according to Yandi.

    “The purpose of Shaolin kung fu is not to hurt people, but to protect ourselves. That’s very important to keep in mind,” said Yandi, adding that kung fu not only exercises the body, but also people’s courage and temperament.

    “Zen helps people have a healthy mind, and kung fu helps people have a healthy body. When we are healthy in both, we can achieve a lot of things and make more of a contribution to society.”

    Richmond's Shaolin centre at 12080 Bridgeport Road currently offers free kung fu and Zen classes to adults and children throughout the week – donations are welcomed.

    Classes are conducted in Chinese with English translation, but the two masters told the Richmond News they are learning English in the hope of delivering classes in English in the future.

    The Richmond location is one of 138 centres of the Shaolin Temple outside of China.

    The expansion of Shaolin culture abroad, according to Yanhong, is supported by the Chinese government but "has absolutely no political elements" – all the costs are sponsored by donors in China and other countries.

    “For us, helping more people in the world get healthier and understand Shaolin culture is a responsibility and a blessing,” he said.

    For a course schedule, check
    Gene Ching
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    The Shaolin Temple & Cultural Centre of Canada

    Richmond Buddhists plan to build the first Shaolin Temple in North America
    Shaolin Temple is known in China for its Kung Fu and Chan Buddhism
    Daisy Xiong
    Sep 29, 2023 9:44 AM

    Yandi Shi moved to Richmond five years ago to spread Shaolin culture, Kung Fu and Chan Buddhism. Daisy Xiong photo

    A Richmond-based Buddhist organization has kicked off a fundraising campaign to build its first temple in North America.

    The Shaolin Temple & Cultural Centre of Canada announced this week that it has started fundraising for a temple in the Lower Mainland, which would also be its third in the world.

    The Shaolin Temple in Henan, China is a renowned monastic institution, recognized as the birthplace of Chan Buddhism and the cradle of Shaolin Kung Fu. Built in 495 AD, it has more than 1,500 years of experience.

    “I moved to Richmond five years ago with a goal to build a Shaolin Temple here in Canada and introduce Shaolin culture and Kung Fu to Canadians. I’m glad that this is happening now,” said Yandi Shi, headmaster of the centre, who joined Shaolin Temple in China at the age of eight.

    Over the past few years, Shi and another master from China set up a two-storey office on No. 5 Road as a temporary base for people in Metro Vancouver to learn about and practice Chan Buddhism.

    The centre also offers meditation and Kung Fu classes, but Shi said the centre doesn’t serve the same function as a temple.

    “A temple can benefit people here in Canada for thousands of years,” said Shi.

    “It can welcome more visitors and host more masters, provides a better environment to spread the Shaolin culture and benefit the mental and physical health of more people,” said Shi.

    Kung Fu school in the works

    The scale of the temple will depend on the funds raised. The Shaolin Temple is expected to include a temple, accommodations for masters and volunteers, a Shaolin Chinese traditional medicine clinic, a Kung Fu school and even senior housing, according to Shi.

    “It will be a long-term project that takes decades to complete. We hope to build a functional construction in the first 10 years and then continue to expand it in the years to come,” he said.

    There are some potential locations for the temple on land owned by donors, including one in Mission and one in Chilliwack, and Shi said he hopes more location options, including Richmond, will be made available by donors.

    “We hope more people can contribute to it because the temple will benefit everyone,” said Shi, adding that the centre will host a fundraising gala in November.

    The only Shaolin Temple that’s been built outside of China is in Zambia and there are more than 200 Shaolin culture centres in more than 80 countries. Shi said the temple is non-political.
    Not sure about that final sentence.
    Gene Ching
    Author of Shaolin Trips
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