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    Fight Girls on Oxygen

    Fight Girls Premieres Monday, August 7th
    at 9pm ET/PT on the Oxygen Cable-TV Channel

    New York, NY -- Fight Girls chronicles seven tough female fighters who are out for the fight of their lives and attempt the impossible -- to beat the best female fighters in the world in a battle for the World Muay Thai Championship. The two-hour reality-TV special will air on Oxygen on Monday, August 7th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time.
    Fight Girls was shot over a two-month period on locations in Las Vegas and Thailand. In it, the legendary Master Toddy of Muay Thai fame, who's trained over 30 world kickboxing champions, trains seven fighters that he hand-picked at his school in Las Vegas. Three are finally chosen to travel to Thailand to compete against other female Muay Thai champions.
    The show reveals the unexpected faces of those who compete in this rugged sport. Behind the gloves and bruises are attractive mothers, brides-to-be and high-level executives. As the training intensifies, so does the toll on their personal lives, exposing the emotional battles of these powerhouse fighters.
    Once the three fighters reach Thailand, they are confronted with the reality of their pursuit by witnessing just how protective their Thai competitors are of their national sport and the disdain they hold for American women. American women are beautiful, they say, but not strong.
    Master Toddy rallies each woman to believe in herself and to prove to him they have the lion heart -- the determination to train hard and conquer their fear in the ring.
    Fight Girls is a pilot for a potential weekly series. We need the martial arts industry to get behind this show to boost its ratings. The only other martial arts reality-TV show being broadcast is Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV, which recently completed its third hit season.

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    I'm rooting for Ariana

    Fight Girls

    already, i'm liking this better than Final Fu...
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    Round 2!


    Oxygen Follows Ten American Female Fighters Battling for the
    World Muay Thai Championships; Series Premieres Tuesday, June 12th at 10:30 PM*

    NEW YORK, May 18, 2007 – Take ten beautiful girls, five grueling fights, one master Muay Thai trainer and unlimited perseverance and what do you get? -- Oxygen’s newest reality series Fight Girls. Premiering Tuesday, June 12th at 10:30 pm*, Fight Girls chronicles ten tough female fighters who are out for the fight of their lives and attempt the impossible – to beat the best female fighters in the world in a battle for the World Muay Thai Championship. Trained by Muay Thai guru Master Toddy, a champion and Thai native, ten women fight for the opportunity to travel to Thailand and compete in the country’s historic sport also known as Thai Boxing.
    The eight one hour episodes place the women in Sin City where two girls battle in elimination fights in front of a live Las Vegas crowd each week determining who earns the right to fight in Thailand. Living together in a Vegas mansion, the fighters are put through extreme physical training but also the emotional challenges they deal with day to day. Within the seven week challenge, the girls experience everything from relationship break-ups, morale-busting injuries, roommate confrontations to wedding planning.

    The series is based on the Fight Girls reality movie that aired on Oxygen last year in which Master Toddy hand-picked three women to compete in Thailand. The fighters, facing more than they anticipated, returned to the U.S. bloodied, battered and defeated. Two of the experienced fighters from the movie impart their wisdom to this season’s fighters each week as they prepare for their elimination fights.

    “The Fight Girls are ultimate Oxygen women -- they kick butt and strive for their very best. We saw with the movie that courage, strength and resilience is what Fight Girls is all about,” says Debby Beece, President of Programming & Marketing, Oxygen. “Now we have the chance to get a more in-depth look at these women and see that it’s not just about the competition, but also about the turbulent journey it takes to get there.”

    Fight Girls gives an inside look into the rise of women who practice martial arts in the United States – with the numbers of frequent participants increasing 115% from 2002 to 2004 for women 18-24 years old.**

    Fight Girls is executive produced by Scott Messick and Tom Weber of Mess Media. Their credits include Survivor, NASCAR Drivers: 360 and Pros vs. Joes. The series is managed by Senior Vice President Aaron Meyerson, Oxygen’s SVP of Development and Production. Kristen Connolly Vadas, Oxygen’s Vice President of Development West Coast, serves as the Executive in Charge.

    About Oxygen Media
    Oxygen, the only cable network owned and operated by women, is currently available in over 71 million homes. The network was launched in 2000 to fill a void in the television landscape -- creating a network targeted to younger women. Oxygen is rewriting the rulebook for women's television, with a vast array of unconventional and original programming including The Janice ****inson Modeling Agency, The Bad Girls Club and Campus Ladies. Geraldine Laybourne, the network's founder, Chairman and CEO, has led the company to be a strong advocate for women. Through programs like The Mentor's Walk, Oxygen's national program for bringing along the next generation, and "Who Cares About Girls," Oxygen's new documentary series -- Oxygen is creating The New Girls Network.
    fightgirls website
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    From manicures to martial arts
    Posted Sunday, June 10, 2007

    Felice Herrig's day job is to make others beautiful, giving facials and pedicures at a Wheeling salon.

    But her muscular arms are a clue to her life when she's not at work. Herrig, 22, of Buffalo Grove, is a kickboxer who's won two national and two world championships.

    "In the ring, I'm just this mean, tough girl," the 5-foot, 4-inch fighter said.

    She trains at Z's Martial Arts in Huntley and will be showcased on the Oxygen Network as a contestant in an eight-week reality series.

    The series, "Fight Girls," premieres at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

    Felice Herrig is a two-time national and world champion in kickboxing. Herrig, nicknamed the “girlie girl” in the Fight Girl competition, also likes her day job at Experience Spa in Wheeling. Herrig lived with nine other girls in Las Vegas for the duration of the show, shot earlier this year, which pits two of the contestants against each other in each episode.

    One girl goes home after a fight every week, and the five remaining head off to Thailand, the home of Muay Thai fighting, the kickboxing form in which they compete on the show.

    The five winning Americans compete against Thai fighters. Someone gets eliminated weekly.

    Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, said Christina Gilmartin, communications manager for Oxygen. According to the U.S. Thai Boxing Association, the martial art originated in "ancient" battlefield tactics used by the Siamese army.

    Some women in Thailand train in Muay Thai almost from birth. That makes them intimidating opponents for the five American women who compete against them, Gilmartin said.

    The first episode prominently features Herrig, who faces a fight in the ring - and also with one of her roommates in their house.

    Herrig said she'll be watching the show at the Huntley martial arts studio alongside the people she trains with.

    Although she knows the outcome, she can't spill the details on how far she goes or who wins in the championship fight.

    She'll also be one of the bloggers from the show who will regularly update what actually happened behind the scenes. The blog is at

    During the show, Herrig is billed as the "girlie girl" who takes the time to do her hair, makeup and nails even before a fight. The Fight Girls Web site describes her as the "adorably, saucy Italian."

    But to Herrig, her appearance and fighting go hand in hand. She does both to take care of herself, she said.

    "You can be a girl and feminine and still fight," she said, confident that if she ever had to use her skills in public, she'd easily be able to defend herself.

    Herrig took up kickboxing at 18, following in the footsteps of her father, who has been practicing martial arts since he was 17.

    "When they find out, people always say, 'You're so feminine and girlie. I just can't imagine you being a fighter. You're so sweet,'æ" Herrig said. "They're surprised at how good I am."

    She broke her arm in the ring last year. Two weeks later she was back at Z's, training for her next fight.

    Herrig spends at least five days a week in the gym. Even with that background, though, she found some of the workout routine in Vegas tough.

    The girls were in the gym twice a day, and Herrig had to go from 125 to 115 pounds in four days to get down to a lighter weight class. She ate a handful of food every couple hours just to keep her going and drank gallons of water.

    "You get to the point where in your mind you wouldn't mind going home," Herrig said.

    But her ring name, "Lil Bulldog," was given for a reason.

    "Kickboxing, that's where all my dreams are," she said. "I put my focus on kickboxing so I never look back and think about what I could have done."
    click to the site for pics and video
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    It appears the changes in format for the series has altered the show in an adverse way. The previous focus on training has taken a back seat to portraying the individual personalities. With the previous show you saw fighters train hard so it was easy to support them without having to know them. Currently with the series format now delving into people's personal lives and showing less training the show has lost some of its authenticity and edge.

    It was surprising to watch the weight loss forced on Jeanine come just days before her bout and so it seems she was fighting with one hand tied behind her back. It gave the show the appearance that this was only done to needlessly manufacture drama. Then even Dawn's supports agreed she lost the first round of the fight so it 's very hard to agree with a unanimous decision. Thirdly after watching Dawn's character and her close fight whether she wins or loses in Thailand personally has lost all meaning since there is some question as to whether or not she should even be there.
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    On the fruit and not the flower.
    Therefore accept the one and reject the other. "

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    I am watching this show also. It's really good, and the girls are hot.

    Chosen One

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    hot womenz hitting each other gives me bonerz

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