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Thread: New Vingtsun Tv Series

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    Thumbs up New Vingtsun Tv Series

    New edition to add to the collection, Prodical Son, Warriors Two, Decendents of Wing chun, Now (Real kung fu ) Actually this is a tv series about the life of Dr Leung tsun of foshan looks pretty good staring Yuen Biao of Prodical son wait for it, Leung ka yan of Warriors two

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    Futsan Jan Sifu

    I'm watching it now...about half way through. There's about 10 DVDs total It's one of those HK TV episodes. 20 chapters long...

    Among the characters are Leung Jan, his two sifus (Leung Yee Tai and Wong Wah Bo), Chan-Wah-Shun ("money changer" -Yip Man first teacher, played by Sammo Hung's son). Interesting how Money Changer got his name. I wonder if Yip man shows up at the end. probably not since it's about Leung Jan. I heard they are doing to do one on Yip Man. ..maybe a sequel after this one. any one know?

    Overall, like a HK TV series, the storyline is very addictive and entertaining. I think most of the story is made up for drama. I was up all night watching it yesterday. if you don't understand cantonese, the DVD has english subtitles. Definitely, a keeper for me in my Wing Chun video collection.

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    Are you watching it on the Chinese channel?

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    I had someone rent it for me at the video store.

    if you have access to a local chinese video store,
    just printout:

    and show them, they'll know what it is.

    I think you can download it off the web also.

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