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Thread: Tae Kwon Do

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    Ralek Guest
    Kwokfist. Muy thai fighters have actually knocked out kung fu fighters with roundhouses to the head for the past several decades.

    Jasbourne. You say i rabbit punched him? I don't know about you but i consider a left hook to be a power shot. The left hook is a KO punch. Joe Frazier, the man who kicked Ali's a$$ would knock out everybody with left hooks. Left hook was his trademark KO punch. I hit him so hard that he almost was put unconsious. His legs collapsed. Collapsing legs is a sign of your brain getting rattled. He was still concious but totally out of it. The fight ended witht that punch. Here's an over view of the fight:(Tai chi guy is in stance like the picture of the guy in red. I throw some jabs at him then back off. He follows me back and comes right into a left hook. His legs collapse and he falls. He's still conscious.)

    Shog. Since the taijiquan instructor lost he must be fake. If it was the real taijiquan i would have lost for sure! I guess all the kung fu guys who were destroyed in UFC and EFC were fake too.

    TKD the real street lethal!!!!

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    kwokfist Guest
    Ralek, I'm talking about generally. Generally, Wing Chun is weak against ground fighting. Grapplers are generally weak against TKDers because good TKDers won't let them get close to them. BJJers are generally weak against... well... nothing. Except maybe Shaolin Long Fist or Muay Thai or any other long-range fighting arts.

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    kwokfist Guest
    TKD is badass, unless of course your instructor is some money-hungry white man.

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    Grappling-Insanity Guest
    TKD great sport, bad for realistic fighting.

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    straight blast Guest

    Tae Kwon Donut

    My best mate & I trained TKD for 2 years. We were well matched at sparring, neither being really better than the other. I went to Muay Thai, he stayed with TKD. After 6 months he couldn't come close to beating me, and in 2 years still hasn't. But he does keep trying :D
    It's real easy to sit back behind a computer & say "This style sucks" or whatever. Get out there & try it! Just don't join one of those TKD groups where the instructor introduces himself and immediately begins talking about your yearly fees & when are you going to pay?
    Wing Chun kicks A** :cool:

    "Through strength, learn gentleness. Through gentleness, strength will prevail"

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    jimbob Guest
    Taekwondo is as good as anything else if your training supports your desired outcomes. I have a good friend who is a 4th dan WTF stylist and sometimes I can hardly see his legs move. He doesn't much like getting punched in the face but then he hasn't trained for it. Self defence TKD would be fine if it was trained correctly.

    BTW Ralek - I once kneed a judo player in the face and knocked out 2 of his teeth, causing him to quit immediately. Maybe I should base my opinion of the grappling arts on that one encounter I had, huh?

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    Tae Kwon Do

    Hello, I am very enthusiastic about the martial arts; I study tae kwon do mainly and I learn whatever I can about all other arts as well. I am always trying to learn more about the martial arts and more about my art, tae kwon do.

    Tae kwon do based its foundation on shotokan (karate) but incorporated a lot of chinese martial arts into it as well. So I have heard from countless instructors and books. However, I fail to see the resemblence of tae kwon do and chinese martial arts.

    Tae kwon do has many techniques from shotokan, but those techniques come from kung fu. So as you can see I'm at a loss here. Does anyone know about the matter?

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    Hello Mr Nunchaku

    And welcome to the forum.I think it is fair to say that all martial arts are related to some degree.So if it's true that okinawan karate has chinese influences so does shotokan then why not Tae Kwon Do ? Are you in the more traditionnal TKD,with forms and hand techniques? Or are you in the "olympic" kind with kicks only?
    P.S. dont worry about some of the forum members who have a nice day by dissing TKD...In reality they are jaleous because they can't kick high!

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    Re: Tae Kwon Do

    Originally posted by Mr Nunchaku

    However, I fail to see the resemblence of tae kwon do and chinese martial arts.

    That's because us kung fu guys realize that "hey i got hands, i think i'll use them"
    "The object is not to hurt someone else, but to stop them from hurting you."

    "Fighting is not hitting, any fool can hit. Fighting is making the other guy miss. He misses, he gets scarred."

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    I do know that Okinowa became a melting pot for many styles. Chinese influences as well as Japanese arts had a great impact on Okinawan styles. In turn Okinowa had it's influence on many arts.
    This little knot might be easier to untie if you can trace your lineage. Perhaps your lineage's history had ties to Okinowa? Some styles claim to go way way back and in reality do, but not in it's current incarnation as we would know it.
    Here's a shamless plug for my schools site, but just check out the american kenpo history and you can understand how complex and difficult an arts history can be to trace. Kenpo History
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    Hey there, i also study tae kwon do (you'll most often see it referred to as TKD here). So you in WTF or ITF?
    Free thinkers are dangerous!

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    Thanks for the welcome guys. I am in ITF which uses the traditional forms. However, WTF (Olympic style) also has forms. They are not the ones of ITF but they look almost exactly alike.

    The lineage of TKD goes way back into the Korean history of martial arts with China and Japan being huge influences. However, as has been said, the incarnation that we learn today is only traditional to a certain degree. This is why we say MODERN day shotokan was founded in the early 1900's.

    Dissing TKD, I shouldn't be used to it but I am. Most people are very ignorant of TKD and base assumptions on what little they have seen in the Olympics for instance.

    Jeff Liboiron, perhaps by reading this you will learn more about TKD. The tae in tae kwon do is Korean for hands. Make no mistake, TKD is known for its kicks, but in its true form we do not take away from hands one bit. Here is the reason why people think TKD is all kicks. In the Olympics, tae kwon do sparring is a sport. As a sport, you have to get points to win. As the rules will have it, kicks grant you a huge amount of points to fist techniques. Therefore, if one wants to win they must do everything they can to kick. However, this is TKD ONLY in Olympic sparring. As a martial art, and as a means of self defense it is much more than that. For instance, the forms (both ITF and WTF) are mostly hand techniques. TKD incorporates all shotokan hand techniques as well as many kung fu hand techniques (though I question exactly how much kung fu is in it, which is the point of this topic).

    I hope I have cleared up the misconception about TKD for you. Most people have the wrong idea about it. Especially when some schools focus so much on winning tournaments and not on self defense. There is nothing wrong by that, mind you, because, they know that they are doing a sport as well as a martial art.

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    BTW, nice site, Don Bohrer. I like the Dragonman, looks pretty cool. I would show you my school's site, but it is down right now. if it is every up and running again. We might stink at computers but we are pretty good at the martial arts, heh.

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    Mr N, welcome aboard. I do a variation of ITF TKD.

    1. Most of the history for TKD that you read is total BS. Here's a guy who's got it closer to what is possible.

    2. You're right it is a direct offshoot from Shotokan. I too do the traditional forms. Most cover the same material as Shotokan but sometimes in a different order.

    3. TKD didn't incorporate very much CMA if any at all. But two Korean arts, Hwa Rang Do and Kuk Sool Won seem to have been influenced by Chinese MA, lots of mantis hand.

    4. TKD used to have a rep as a bad@ss martial art during the Vietnam war. Somewhere along the way something went very wrong and now we have a rep for being a candy@ss art.

    5. We're about 60% hand and 40% leg.

    It's good to have another TKD person here. If you want to have fun here just pick on Old Jong and his Wing Chun.
    I quit after getting my first black belt because the school I was a part of was in the process of lowering their standards A painfully honest KC Elbows

    The crap that many schools do is not the crap I was taught or train in or teach.

    Dam nit... it made sense when it was running through my head.


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    Yep, you hit the nail on the head about TKD. I think the commercialization of TKD is what gave it its bad rep. Too much focus on the sports side of it and it becomes watered down. However, as you know there are plenty of schools that teach TKD the way it was meant to be as a martial art.

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