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Thread: Looking for Case Studies Subjects

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    Looking for Case Studies Subjects

    For my new website, I would like to have CST (Circular Strength Training) case studies. I am looking for four case study subjects here. Anyone willing to allow to me to coach you for 12 weeks and allow me to use your image and results on my future website? This will be a demanding 12-week project and I can be a taskmaster. This will be online coaching at its best. We are going to use online technology so I can coach you. I will listen to your needs and goals then help you create a personalize exercise program based on CST's THP (training hierarchical Pyramid). After watching your performance video clips, I will send you a personalized DVD of me explaining and showing you how you can improve your performance and explaining your mistakes so that you will on the right track. We will also talk once a week over the phone and discuss your training. You will need CST and RMAX materials for this project and are truly committed to my coaching and your own health and fitness goals.

    These are the clients I want for my Case studies:

    1. Male (age 25 and up) white-collar professional.
    2. Female (25 and up) single career woman.
    3. Male or Female (any age or style) martial artist
    4. Male or Female (any age) who is a complete beginner to health and fitness.

    This will cost for this 12 week course is 400. That is $33.33 per week for my services. I am lowering my usual rates so that I help people experience CST coaching and also get people to be part of my case studies. I am only accepting four clients for this project. I am sorry I cannot take on anyone more than four clients. I am already busy with with my offline clients as it is and will be more busy after the summer. Part of the reason for the case studies is to develop confidence and credibility to my target audience in my area and online. In my marketing search, no personal training websites in my area have real live case studies of their work. I think people should have the right know the process, the tool, and methodology of their training program and what to expect from their fitness consultant. I do not want to have the usually "Bao is such a wonderful coach and sexy devil..." LOL testimonials on my website. I will have testimonials, but most importantly I want real life objective case studies from people who don't know me personally. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
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