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So, I did a search and did not see a thread titled Judo, or one looking dedicated to Judo.

I plan to be taking up judo pretty soon here, and I always look for more information sources and places to share and learn from, so I figured I would make a judo thread that I can post in as my journey progresses.

Also, I know there are several guys here into Judo.

I will be starting Judo here. A friend of mine trains there and is pretty pleased. Its traditional, which is what I am looking for. (what you guys think?)

I'll update here later with my experiences and how what I am doing is so rad

Im looking at having to wait for about a month or so, so I'm going to cheat and find standard solo judo drills and start practicing. Im picturing falling down a lot in my apartment and ****ing off my neighbors.
Doing pull-ups by holding on to a gi will get your grip nice and strong.
Tie a belt around a tree or pillar and train some throws.
If you can afford it, invest in a throwing dummy, but they are mucho $$$
If you wanna train breakfalls, outside is the best way- grass and in this case, snow.
The thing is, while you can develop some of the atributes needs from judo alone, you won't develop any of the skills.