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Thread: shaolin temple school uk ?

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    shaolin temple school uk ?

    any one outthere know if
    is any good to train at as im looking for a place local (bournemouth in dorset england) to start learning shaolin kungfu ifnot can someone recomend a place to start?

    it's run by a shaolin monk called shi yanming (not the same one as in the US)
    is he for real ?


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    Shaolin Bournemouth

    I have trained with Yan Ming interesting!! In the Bournemouth area I can reccommend my teacher who trained in China under Lon Shifu specialises now in Taiji Chuan (Traditional not the granny aerobics adopted in the west)! But also highly skilled in kung fu the chinese way. Was a while ago i trained with yan ming so his teaching stles may have changed now though.

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