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Thread: Ma Style Tongbei Baji video: New Yr gift

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    Ma Style Tongbei Baji video: New Yr gift

    Happy new year, Gene & everyone else.

    Clips of my teacher, Professor Ma Mingda demonstrating amazing Fajin at a senior age can now be watched online.
    Together with his son, brother Ma Lianzhen, young lineage master of Ma style Integrated Martial arts(Tongbei), who is also well experienced on MMA sports and trains Russian fighters.
    (Ma Baji's small frame & Pigua's ChanEr hands)

    Wutan buddies, Master Tony Yang and myself will definitely be trying to host Ma Mingda next year. For now, check out the unique power generation method of Ma Baji. (This is only one way of doing the Xiaojia. We have gentle ways of training as well, like Ming, An, Hua of Xingyi.)

    Once I get my teacher's permission, I will post some more Tongbei videos performed by my students here in NY, together with Master Narcyz Latecki's, who is a student of Ma Xianda and teaches in Boston.

    Ping Zhen Cheng
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    Very nice! Both are obviously very skilled. Thank you for sharing!

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