Circular Strength Training®
Gym: Equinox; (212) 774-6363
Cost: Membership plus $75 per hour, or session can be purchased separately via What it is: If there's one thing trainer Bao Tran (above left) can't abide, it's linear movement. As the only certified teacher of the up-and-coming practice of Circular Strength Training®, he is qualified to explain that the body naturally wants to move in elliptical motions that reflect the shape of an atom - not just back and forth as on a treadmill or a stationary weight machine. Our workout included a modified form of pull-ups, squat jumps, yoga poses, and swinging a weighted bar to increase muscle control. The martial arts- and tai chi-inflected tasks may seem easy at first, but once he starts you doing them faster and faster in repeated circuits, you'll be kicking yourself (in a circular motion, natch) for doubting its efficacy.