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Thread: Ninjas!

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    Interview with the king of the Ninjas!
    Remember kids, you are born a ninja and just have to discover that you is one.

    More real ninja work
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    I quit after getting my first black belt because the school I was a part of was in the process of lowering their standards A painfully honest KC Elbows

    The crap that many schools do is not the crap I was taught or train in or teach.

    Dam nit... it made sense when it was running through my head.


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    It is about hiding, getaways, out smarting, deception, out number, -- gurellia warfare with multiple weapons.

    escape techniques. or Dun Shu.

    fire, earth, metal, wood, water etc.


    sworn secrecy. not to reveal to anyone.


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    Cool Ninjutsu!

    Got your attention?
    I know that some people doubt Takamatsu's legitimacy as an inheritor of Ninjutsu but I could care less about that. The way I see it, what reason would he have to make it up? I have never heard of franchises, books, or any examples of him making money off of it. Also, most people I've come across have nothing but praise for Hatsumi's skill. But I have seen Bujinkan dojos (or at least dojos that call themselves that) that I was not impressed with. Excluding those examples which I didnít like, I have only seen a few empty hand and weapon techniques, acrobatic feats, and fuedel era warfare skills being demonstrated by Bujinkan and other X-Kan folk. I have never seen any forms. Anyone have links or information about any? And what do you guys think of Bujinkan and the other X-Kans? Also, does anyone know of any non-X-Kan Ninjutsu (that's still around) that's legit? The only possibility I have come across is Seiko Fujita. Although he is dead, he is fairly recent (20th century). But I heard he never passed on his Ninjutsu arts (and some doubt he even had them). Maybe he passed them on in secret! (we need a ninja icon)

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    Seiko Fujita dead? Egads, such ignorance. Ninjas never die. They just change identities.

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    Well, the Xia when you figure out that secret, I will have to send my ninjas after you.

    Seriously though, the thing I don't understand is this - would a CIA or KGB agent tells people his or her training that they received and open a school about it after retirement? Would a sniper got hand to hand with the mark? Now If they do, like the real ninjas, they would have to include the art of seduction and fornication too (there be plenty of hot ninja chicks!?)

    In this day and age, Leon the professional would have been the new ninja if not for that he had a thing for a young Natalie Portman (or is it the other way around?)

    Ninjutsu is Hollywoodland spin off. People, wake up and smell the wasabi!


    PS you would be better off with a Volcan or Klingon MA, really!
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    I was under the impression that the last reconized ninjitsu dude died in a train crash with his students some decades ago.

    I didn't think that there was any credible line left. Well except for maybe this guy, or was it this guy.
    - 三和拳

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    Ninjistu never dies!!!

    With theatricality and deception, it has been designed to fool the weak-minded.
    Embrace your enemy, for he is not - he is just confused.
    "It is very hard to unleash the dragon and then put it back in the box without being devoured in the process."
    -Sifu Abel

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    Quote Originally Posted by mantis108 View Post
    PS you would be better off with a Volcan or Klingon MA, really!
    I remember some thread about Gene having something to do with Klingon martial arts. Is our crotch-kick King the Sijo of Klingon Fu?

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    So does anyone have something to contribute to the topic of the thread?

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    whats in a ninja?

    deception, stealth, knowledge of anatomy, martial skill, resources....and of course, most importanly a powerful Daimyo.

    To me, the embodiment of the ninja would be the utilization of said tool.

    A ninja is a Tool. You Mega Foot are a TOOL~!
    A man has only one death. That death may be as weighty as Mt. Tai, or it may be as light as a goose feather. It all depends upon the way he uses it....
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    but really though.

    a ninja is a tool.

    There may not be any traditional japanese trained shinobi running around out there with tabi boots, ninja-to, and some shuriken.

    But i think there are plenty of tools out there that utilizes similart tactics, methods, and forms of training as old school ninja's used to.

    They just drive dark SUV's, wear dark sunglasses, and go by the name of agent smith....

    k im in a strange mood. i may not want to review anything i posted this evening...
    A man has only one death. That death may be as weighty as Mt. Tai, or it may be as light as a goose feather. It all depends upon the way he uses it....
    ~Sima Qian

    Master pain, or pain will master you.

    "Just do your practice. Who cares if someone else's practice is not traditional, or even fake? What does that have to do with you?"
    ~Gene "The Crotch Master" Ching

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    I'm getting a little sick of the "Special Forces/Spies are the real Ninjas" line. They aren't, the Ninja is a specific types of assassin and spy from fuedel Japan. I'm tired of that line. It's old. In fact, I think it now classifies as one of the many clichés that circulate in the martial arts world.
    I'm not pointing fingers at you, but your post made me think of this.
    Anyway, do any of you have something to say about the topic of this thread?
    Come on folks! Gene says it's the year of the Ninja!
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    hahahaha it's funny to watch people with no education on a particular subject, put it down and make jokes
    Anyway I was in the Bujinkan for a couple years, what is it you'd like to know. Let me say that in no way am I an expert on the Bujinkan, Hatsumi Sensei, or Takamatsu Sensei. But there are forms involved although the Japanese don't do there forms like the Chinese. Where the Chinese form is an actual set stance or position one would hold, the Ninjas "forms" (for the lack of a better word) is a movement, or as my sensei said a "snapshot in time". You would be standing at a bar or something just normal with your hands at your waiste, or leaning against the bar or something completely natural, someone attacks you, (no not from behind, you don't have the ability to "smell" the attack and disappear in a puff of smoke) you step back bringing you arm up, with the outer knuckles of your fist you strike your attackers vital point, the inner wrist, very painfull trust me, and your free hand is at you defending sholder. The stance, which you are probably trying to do right now and failing miserably , has a name. We do not have a "form" a movement. It the time you defended that attack, if someone were to have taken a picture of you, you would be in the "form" but only for that split second.
    About Takamatsu Sensei, it is said he WAS the last functioning Ninja, operating in China. He fought dozens of challenge matches, some to the death, which none of which he lost, obviously. I could go on, and on about this, so to save time what do you want to know specifically, and I'll do my best. Again I am no expert.
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    same here i trained in the Booj for 2 years under Shihan Ian Wilson. the bujinkan is quite an interesting art however it is usually best to describe the art as Ninpo/budo taijutsu (ninpo being the higher or spiritual side if you will, of the ninja) anyhoo this is how it goes. The Bujinkan is comprised of 9 Koryu Budo (old school martial arts) and they are as follows.

    Togakure Ryu-Ninpo
    Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo
    Gyokushin Ryu Ninpo
    Koto Ryu-Koppojutsu
    Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu
    Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu
    Shinden Fudo Ryu-Daken Taijutsu
    Kukishinden Ryu Happo Biken Jutsu
    Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu.

    3 schools are ninjutsu which are the first 3 at the top of the list.
    Koto Ryu, Gikan Ryu, Gyokko Ryu even though they're not ninjutsu ryu they where used by the Ninja or Iga No Mono in combat.
    and the bottom 3 are Samurai arts.
    Doug Maverick on jet li and his final movie.

    jet li: i don't want to do martial arts films no more i want to do regular acting!

    producers: B!tch you can't act you better stick to kicking and punching thas what you do.

    jet li: but i'm tired of it and my knees hurt!

    producer(pulls out contract): well this here says we got five more film out your ass, and trust me there not going to be no romance comedy with, jennifer aniston. hey don't you wushu guys have a saying "eat bitter"

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    Just some gee wiz info...

    Kage no Shinobi roughly translated into not existing. I remeber when I lived in Japan and for some reason a friend and I started talking about ninja. He said this translation to me. Of course I thought, oh cool. However he tried to explain to me that in their culture it was actually quite a bad thing, to not exist. I remember when he said it, his tone was about what you would get in America if you told a typical mainstream religious person you were a pagan or something of the sort (not saying that's my opinion, but you get the idea).

    Also there are a number of Japanese which do not believe ninja ever really existed. That its just folk tales so to speak.

    Shinto, the belief structure established in feudal japan is now viewed in the same light as extreme cults would be here, for example the whole David Curesh/ Waco thing.

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