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Thread: Reylson Gracie - is this real??

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    Reylson Gracie - is this real??

    Here's a thread with lots of claims made about Reylson Gracie, somebody asked me about a response.

    Is this true or false?

    Is he a "real" Gracie?

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    Not to be confused with Relson

    Relson is the second oldest son of Helio Gracie...

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    There is a Reylson and a Relson, and I honestly forget who is who, one is a son of Helio????

    A quick glance of the mentioned thread, both are wrong, if there is a no refund policy, which is pretty standard, don't expect a refund. Use the classes and then be done with it... And similarly, expecting someone to cough up another $3000 when they are dissatisfied is ridiculous, it is also probably outright illegal (check with a lawyer for local state laws)
    Chan Tai San Book at

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    well, like LKFMDC - he's a genuine Kung Fu Hero™
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    As much as I get annoyed when it gets derailed by the array of strange angry people that hover around him like moths, his good posts are some of my favorites.
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    I think he goes into a cave to meditate and recharge his chi...and bite the heads off of bats, of course....

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